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The unconscious understands the language only in the left temporal lobe.

Updated: May 29, 2022

By studying "Study of Consciousness", I would like to think about my method and the coaching theory, such as unconscious rewriting.

This series of blog posts is my study note.


In yesterday's article

When reading funny sentences such as "At breakfast, I like my coffee with cream and socks."

The inconsistent meaning of "socks" has produced a unique brain wave called the negative potential N400 that appears on the crown.

N400 EEG assesses how well a word fits into the context.

The size of the brain waves changes depending on the degree of the absurdity of the phrase. The greater the degree of absurdity, the stronger the brain waves.

This phenomenon in the brain occurs even when words are not visible due to masking or the like.

The temporal lobe neuron network automatically handles the various meanings of invisible words and the assessment of consistency with past conscious contexts.

First, two words are displayed in succession, both of which are masked to be overlooked by the subject.

The displayed words are

"Not happy" "very happy."

"Not sad", "very sad."

It combines positive and negative meanings, such as.

And immediately after these combinations were presented invisibly,

Words with positive and negative meanings such as "love" and "war" are displayed so that they can be seen.

Then, the N400 brain waves caused by these conscious words,

It turns out that the broad unconscious context regulates the strength of the brain waves.

A dissonant word "happy" precedes "war", causing a solid N400.

Furthermore, it became more robust or weaker depending on the combination of "very" and "not".

On the other hand, the brain detects inconsistencies in expressions such as "very happy war".

"Not happy war", "unfortunate war", etc.

They unknowingly judge the appropriateness of the expression.

The most notable point of these experiments is whether or not the phrase is visible to the subject.

N400 brain waves are to show precisely the same magnitude.

This discovery has two implications.

First, we show that consciousness is irrelevant to meaning.

The events caused by unconscious stimuli in the brain are not limited to minute ones.

Unconscious activity is limited to specialized cranial nerve circuits.

While unconscious processing is being performed,

Brain activity remains in the left temporal lobe.

On the other hand, the words and phrases that are conscious are

It will occupy a much more extensive network of brains that extends to the frontal lobe.

The left temporal lobe is the primary organization of the language network that processes meaning.

The frontal lobe is the brain's tissue that underlies particular subjective sensations.

Words that remain unconscious are not as influential as those that are conscious.English

The unconscious understands the language only in the left temporal lobe, and when it becomes conscious, it expands the information to the frontal lobe.

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