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The turtle team is catching up!

Updated: May 29, 2022

It's April. March will be a milestone in the Kaizen activities that I support.

Of course, there are temperature differences depending on the organization, but there are organizations that have achieved impressive results for me as a supporter.

As an engineer, every engineer naturally has the desire to "create a good product."

I don't usually use the word spirit, but the "engineer's spirit" seems to continue to burn in my heart.

The impression that this team is unreliable comes first.

It is a turtle team. (We apologize to everyone involved)






















It seems that the whole department has been successful without much effort.

Therefore, it may be exaggerated to say that it is life-threatening. Still, the delivery date of the most important parts was at the discretion of the manufacturer of the part.

In my first Kaizen activity, I tried to see what happened during the latest development.

At first, the dissatisfaction we felt, "We cannot meet the delivery date of parts", came out. But this doesn't tell the real problem.

Therefore, I asked them to arrange the events in chronological order by referring to the records that occurred in the previous development in as much detail as possible.

When I asked them to write a line separating this side from the other party (parts maker), it became clear that the cause of the equipment delay was also on this side.

Until now, the people involved could only see themselves, but now they can imagine that the other person is in trouble.

After this, I was able to talk with the manufacturer in a hurry and found improvements for each other.

-This was the first KAIZEN activity.

The organization had plans to develop new products.

We thought we could significantly reduce costs by replacing the base with new products. So, at first, I had no plans to change the chassis.

At that point, the period I thought was allowed for development was quite long, so only the design was going to consider the selection of the infrastructure slowly.

I felt they had a pretty big hidden ability.

Therefore, we proposed that this development be a change of the base and a complete model change, including the housing.

Product development centred on cost planning began immediately.

Development We set a goal with the formula of "cost" = "selling price"-"profit" and started.

Manufacturing and inspection people also participated in the activity.

We asked the manufacturers for ideas for cost reduction, including things that they find challenging to do daily. "

Then, many ideas came up, like a fish that got water.

The design department put those ideas into the drawings as much as possible.

There have been many proposals to boldly eliminate things

that I couldn't stop because of anxiety even in the inspection.

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