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The spontaneous activity of neurons leads to the activity with our purpose.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Studying the "Study of Consciousness" (Stanislas Duanne) can further deepen your understanding of coaching theory.

I am studying to add a unique flavour to "unconscious rewriting".

This series of blog posts are my study notes. This time, the theme that follows the unconscious and conscious

I will write a "sign of consciousness".


Voluntary action is one of the most overlooked characteristics of the global workspace model, but in my personal opinion it is one of the most unique and important traits.

It seems that too many neuroscientists are still sticking to the obsolete concept of reflex bows as the basic model of the human brain.

Originating from René Descartes, Charles Sherrington, Ivan Pavlov and others, this concept of a reflex bow shows how the eye commands the arm. Draw the brain as an input / output device that simply transfers data from the sensory organs to the muscles.

This concept is a fundamental mistake. Autonomy is the primary feature of the nervous system.

The intrinsic activity of neurons governs external stimuli. The brain does not just passively follow the environment, but produces its own patterns of activity.

During the development of the brain, valid patterns are maintained and those that are not are eliminated.

This creative algorithm, which is especially common in children, is aimed at thinking.

Apply Darwin's process of natural selection.

At the heart of this ability is the excitability of nerve cells. Early in evolution, neurons acquired the ability to self-activate and spontaneously shoot spikes.

The excitement of nerve cells is filtered or amplified by the circuits of the brain, turning into purposeful exploratory behavior.

Any animal explores its environment thanks to its neural network, which produces rhythmic movements of walking and swimming through voluntary activity.

Many other species, including primates, perform similar searches at a purely cognitive level.

We can spontaneously generate activity patterns, formulate and execute new plans, and change if results do not meet expectations without external stimuli. This ability is due to Global Work Space.

The process of species change through natural selection, proposed by Darwin, also occurs within the global workspace. Voluntary action is constantly carved into the brain by assessing future rewards.

Neural networks with this function are mighty.

The logic of learning based on selection, combined with the usual synaptic learning rules,

It produces a solid structure with the ability to learn from mistakes and extract the abstract rules behind the problem.

In every neuron, the membrane potential (the difference between the potential inside and outside the cell) is constantly changing. And this randomness is caused by the thermal noise that constantly rocks the molecule.

Spikes are emitted when the fluctuation of the membrane potential of a neuron exceeds a certain threshold.

As shown by Duanne et al.'S computer simulations, random spikes are formed by a myriad of connections that connect numerous neurons to cortical columns, cell aggregates, and neural circuits by the time widespread activity patterns emerge.

Local noise evolves from implicit thoughts and spontaneous activities tailored to goals into a structured avalanche.

The words and images always come to our minds in the "stream of consciousness". And form the basis of the inner world are the random spikes carved by the trillions of synapses that have been built up in the process of growth and education. So it has its ultimate origin.

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