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The important thing about the gold standard.

Updated: May 29, 2022

There is news that "Russia will become the gold standard".

I used to belong to Waseda's Forex Seminar.

I haven't talked much about it, but my teacher at that time was from the Bank of Tokyo.

Around that time, the "Nixon shock" occurred.

I didn't understand what it was.

Even now, the Nikkei newspaper does not provide many core articles, but at that time, I did not have enough knowledge in my mind to interpret the meaning of "from the gold standard to the floating exchange rate system". ..

In the article "We will stop exchanging dollars for gold because the amount of gold held is relatively small compared to the scale of the world economy." President Nixon's photo occupied the cover of the newspaper.

It seems that not only I but my friends at the seminar had similar impressions when I saw the sour face of President Nixon rather than the text of the article.

Since then, people worldwide who have the power to print money have been free to do it.

Every time a war breaks out, "I need money. So I have to issue government bonds !!"

If you have an infectious disease, "I need money. So I have to issue government bonds !!"

After making up something big, I could issue government bonds, suck money, and do whatever I wanted with the printed money.

I thought, "I did a little too much," and came up with the Great Reset.

State of emergency, the establishment of a superstate committee

The huge budget deficit, financial crisis, global credit instability


Currency reset and global credit reduction

The transition of world assets to international financial companies and global control by superstate institutions

= Realization of the new world order

I created the scenarios in this order.

There are rumours that Corona is a dry run.

I was able to practice the rehearsal to some extent.

Japanese politics is at their discretion, so even though there are few infected people, "martial law."

A vaccine competition was fought, in which each local government competed to consume the vaccine.

Since it has already converged, I hurriedly started vaccination, even for small children.

Russia's armed invasion of Ukraine is unforgivable.

However, there is a prevailing kind of yakuza organization called "neonazi" from the Russian side. It comes from the intention of hitting it before the power expands too much, so one way of looking at it. You cannot make a judgment just by yourself.

Continuing the dollar standard can be ridiculous.

People without money suffer from the above-mentioned Great Reset from 1 to 6 to solve everything. Initially, Great Reset was designed for a handful of wealthy people.

The United States has brainwashed japan since the defeat, and entirely a few people even shy away from the United States. But unlike a little while ago, the movement of the world is slumping in the dollar.

I don't trust it.

Although it has not been reported in Japan, moving away from the dollar has not stopped.

In that trend, it is Russia's gold standard.

I can say that it is a precursor to the movement from dollar-oriented to resource-oriented.

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