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The future of neuroscience depicted in the Matrix

Updated: May 29, 2022

Studying the "Study of Consciousness" (Stanislas Duanne) can further deepen your understanding of coaching theory.

I am studying to add a unique flavour to "unconscious rewriting".

This series of blog posts are my study notes. This time, the theme that follows the unconscious and conscious

I will write a "sign of consciousness".


We have seen that all conscious experiences, from the sound of an orchestra to the burning smell of bread, derive from the activity of large-scale cranial nerve circuits.

When conscious perception occurs, a group of neurons begins to fire in a coordinated manner, first in a specialized local area and then in a large cortex area.

Eventually, it penetrates most of the prefrontal cortex and parietal lobe in close synchronization with the early sensory cortex.

Our brain establishes conscious awareness was at this point when the consistent brain web suddenly ignites.

Four physiological signs = "signs of consciousness" were found to indicate whether the subject experienced a conscious perceptual image.

  1. Conscious stimuli trigger the activity of neurons that suddenly ignite neural circuits in the parietal lobe and prefrontal cortex.

  2. Slow brain waves accompany conscious access called P3 waves that occur one-third of a second after the stimulus is given.

  3. When consciousness ignites, high-frequency vibrations occur suddenly

  4. Numerous cortical areas far apart from each other exchange bidirectional synchronized messages, forming a wide-ranging brain web.

In neuroscience, experiments have shown that interference with higher dimensional neural circuits in the cortex does not affect unconscious processing,

It is known to confuse consciousness.

We have also learned how to cause hallucinations, such as non-existent light and abnormal physical sensations.

We also know how the electrical activity of neurons can cause or destroy the state of mind.

Stanislas Duanne says:

"Neuroscientists, in principle, believe in the philosopher's fantasy", the brain in the culture tank, "which was beautifully depicted in the movie The Matrix.

Any relaxed state of mind can be recreated as a hallucination by stimulating or silencing the appropriate neurons. And the avalanche of neural activity produces the symphony of the mind. Yes, we are thinking. "

So far, the reality is that it is far from the realization of the fantasy that "The Matrix" envisions.

It is currently not possible to control billions of neurons and accurately draw them on the surface of the cortex.

However, as a new technology that stimulates the brain, it stimulates neurons with light instead of electric current.

Discoveries by optogenetics are expected.

This technology uses a light-sensitive molecule called "opsin," which converts photons into electrical signals in neurons.

It was born after being discovered by algae and bacteria.

Soon, we look forward to the possibility of opening a breakthrough in decoding the neural codes that support our hearts.

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