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Subliminal image: Masking method to compensate for the weakness of "change blindness" experiments

Updated: May 29, 2022

(Cognitive science) In coaching, rewriting the unconscious is a powerful means of achieving the goal.

By studying "Study of Consciousness", I would like to think about my method and the coaching theory, such as unconscious rewriting.

This series of blog posts is my study note.


Last time, I talked about the experiment of "change blindness = inattentional blindness", but this experiment seems to have a problem.

  1. Carelessness is a volatile phenomenon.

  2. Most of the subjects who do not know anything

  3. Even if you overlook even a significant change during your first trial,

  4. Be cautious when you realize that there is even a minor experimental operation.

  5. Once alert, the subject is, of course, more likely to notice the change.

  6. Then, even if the subject reports that he has not seen the change,

  7. Proving that can be very difficult for scientists.

  • If you ask each trial each time, it will delay the experiment and

  • At that point, the subject will be wary.

  • After all the trials are over, forgetting becomes a problem if you ask a question.

  • After just a few minutes, subjects may begin to underestimate what they have noticed.

  • Some researchers claim that subjects are always aware of the entire scene but cannot remember most of the details.

Change blindness is not due to a lack of awareness but to the ability to compare old and new scenes.

Once the movement clues are removed, even a one-second delay makes it difficult for the brain to compare the two pictures.

The subject would then report that nothing had changed, as there was no evidence.

You can solve this problem by creating an entirely invisible situation, but you can make it invisible using "masking", generally a "subliminal image".

A subliminal image is an image that is invisible to anyone, no matter how hard you try, under the threshold of consciousness (consciousness is a boundary where consciousness appears or disappears).

  • Make the image faint

--In general, it is not very effective because it significantly damages the image and causes almost no brain activity.

Flashing the image you want to hide

between two other images is called a subliminal image.

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