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Steve Jobs' "Connecting the Dots" is the secret of gestalt construction.

Steve Jobs gave a famous speech about the experience of developing MAC (at Stanford University, June 2005)

It is called "connecting the dots".

It is a good expression of Gestalt construction.

Create new value by integrating seemingly unrelated points and points from a higher perspective.

Perfect integration of calligraphy and MAC development

had nothing to do with it.

Jobs realized the epoch-making evolution of personal computers.

That's why Jobs is a gestalt maker.

"Toyota's product development imitated by GAFA" is "Toyota's product development".

For TPS (Toyota Production System), related parts manufacturers needed to understand the same idea and build a system connected to the vehicle production plant.

Therefore, this mechanism has become widely known worldwide, and more and more manufacturers are saying, "Let's adopt ours."

However, since many development projects need to be carried out in secret, even though we had a development system integrated with a limited number of manufacturers, it did not widely communicate.

It is the same that product development is proceeding in a strong connection with related manufacturers.

In the old days, this method of proceeding was called a series,

The term closed open innovation, attracting attention recently, seems to fit perfectly.

LEAN also benchmarked Toyota's product development, but unfortunately, I don't know of their successes because of the significant gaps in the content.

Everyone in Japan has good examples nearby, so please think seriously.


The chief engineer system has a long history.

By adopting the good points of postwar aeroplane development, we have created a system in which the chief engineer is consistently responsible from product development to sales.

Speaking of 1962, when "Publica" began to sell, construction of the Tokaido Shinkansen, Tomei Expressway, and Metropolitan Expressway was proceeding rapidly, two years before the Tokyo Olympics.

However, the number of cars owned is not so large yet, and even the "Publica" and "Subaru", called national cars, were owned by only a handful of people.

  • The wave of the high economic miracle

  • Infrastructure development

  • Industrial development

  • Improving national income levels

  • By building a factory in the suburbs, commuting distance will increase

  • I also want to go out on holidays

It seemed inevitable that the wave of motorization would hit Japan shortly.

At that time, it is too late to develop a popular car. However, we will not be in time if we do not anticipate the next era and create a full-fledged image concept of a famous car before that.

Tatsuo Hasegawa, the first chief engineer (then chief engineer) who gave birth to the Corolla, thought so earnestly for the three months from October to December 1957.

  • How far will the market expand?

  • How much will Japan's economic power rise?

  • How much should the contents of the car match the purchasing level and consumer needs?

I thought through my thoughts.

The chief engineer builds Gestalt in this way.

Successive chief engineers have created their concepts in their way and brought them to the world.

Mr Hasegawa started the examination work in the engineering department at the beginning of the following year. At the same time, he proposed to his boss about the development project of the next new car.

However, the reaction within the company at that time was chilly. Finally, the boss said, "You guys are in charge of" Publica ", so why not improve" Publica "?", And Eiji Toyoda, the managing director, didn't shake his head vertically.

Some people suggested that the P-type truck engine should be diverted.

No one listened to me, even though I said, "There is no future in Publica."

In short, the upper management thought it was too early to develop the next popular car, even when the "Publica" began to sell.

Mr Hasegawa thought that he had to convince the upper management somehow.

I called Mr Masataka Matsuura of Toyota Motor Sales, a junior at the University of Tokyo who later became the chairman of Tokyo Toyopet. I asked Mr Kamiya, President of Toyota Motor Sales, to create an opportunity to do a direct interview.

"The world is growing steadily. In the future," Publica "will not work.

"We have to plan a slightly higher class attractive product."

"The new products will be ready for the coming Japanese highway era. We will also be responsible for competing in the European market."

I urged President Kamiya. President Kamiya worked with Toyota's top executives at the time, and the development of the Corolla began.

Without this passion of Mr Hasegawa, the Corolla would not have been born.

After this, several chief engineers connected this sash and developed it into the current global car.

Eiji Toyota was the president of the company at the time,

but with the position that

"the chief engineer is the president of the product,"

that role is well shared by the people involved.

DevSecOps is currently the world leader in software development methods.

It is a method of promoting development, security, and operation simultaneously.

Nicholas Sharan is the Chief Software Officer (CSO) of the US Air Force.

He has a highly empowered leader, the US Army Leader, Co-Head of the DevSecOps Initiative of the US Department of Defense.

He is a leader who stands at the top of 14,000 people.

It is a world where the brains of project leaders build product gestalt, and 14,000 people support it to create products.

The chief engineer of a vehicle cannot exert its power by itself.

From the design, the design group of each part, the streamlined body drawing, to the know-how of mould design for pressing the actual iron plate, there is no end to it.

The chief engineer put together a product CE image ⇨ CE concept,

The mechanism to create it into an actual product seems to be the royal road of product development.

"The manufacturing industry that I think of is the construction of Gestalt in the future. To integrate the things that exist separately to create a new gestalt = the whole. That is, to create added value. The scope of the modern manufacturing industry is. It would help if you thought about it by expanding it to that extent. "Technology to create overwhelming value [Gestalt maker] "(written by Hideto Tomabechi)

With DevSecOps, the world of making large-scale software like the ones used in waterfalls while making (automatic) corrections on the way has already emerged.

I aim for "#KaizenYourFuture",

In the future, we are helping to kaizen the Mirai (Future) that exists in the human head.

I'm currently installing a product development process at a company.

When engineers find goals outside the status quo, they develop lively and innovative ideas.

We also found that the Corolla's road could not open without the presence of a chief engineer.

The presence of a single chief engineer talent is desirable, but some products may not require such a large organization.

Such an organization has its way of doing things.

First, I will help you.

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