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⛳️St Andrews 2008 ④ Waiting for cancellation in front of the starter hut of the old course from dawn

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

On August 13, 2008, I woke up at four.

For ST Andrews' old course, reservations will not be accepted unless two or more people enter the Ballot (lottery) the day before and win.

When I asked the innkeeper Trevor if there was still any way to do it,

"If you line up in the starter hat (hut) from early morning,

They will be included in the vacant group on a first-come, first-served basis. "

Information that is close to your ear.

It is a 3-minute walk from the inn to the starter hat.

Despite the early start, Trevor cooked breakfast today as well.

No one is awake yet.

Eat sandwiches quietly by yourself in the dining room.

At such times, I think, "I'm crazy about golf. Golf crazy, man!"

However, it is the one who firmly supports and wraps up such a Japanese golf enthusiast.

Here is the city of St Andrews.

People carrying caddy bags come and go in the city as a matter of course.

As soon as I brush my teeth, I carry a caddy bag,

Head to the old course starter hat. It's a short run!

It took only 3 minutes from the guest house door to the old course starter hut.

It has been raining heavily since last night but it stopped when I left the guesthouse.

I wondered how much I was on.

It was still dark, so I thought I would be at the top,

About ten golfers were already lined up.

Unfortunately, it started to rain again when we arrived at the old course.

After that, it was raining all the time until I checked in.

I put a caddy bag where I thought it was the end of the line,

The person standing before me said, "This is the beginning."

I said, "Oh, I'm sorry," and moved to the other side.

The starter that has eaves (see photo below)

The 1st to 5th people do not get wet in the rain, but the 10th person gets wet.

Then the Scottish gentleman next door said, "Let's join my umbrella."

So he offered me an umbrella.

How wonderful he is!

It is a heartwarming sight.

He regretted having more English conversation skills.

I wanted to continue the conversation to reward his warm heart but was very disappointed.

While staring at the sky, I talked briefly about the weather, but it didn't last long.

The other party seems to be confused about finding a topic.

(The photo on the left was taken after the play was over)

The silence under the men's companion umbrella continued from 5:30 to 6:10.

Some people gave up and went home on the way because the rain didn't stop.

At around 6:10, he, a companion umbrella, also returned, saying, "I'm going home, goodbye."

At that time, it became brighter from the sea. And finally, the rain stopped.

At that time, the Starter finally arrived and started working.

Thanks to that, they promote my turn to 6th place. I was on.

Then, I heard Japanese in the front row.

We exchanged greetings with each other.

One Japanese person asked, "What do you think about playing with you?"

She replied, "If you talk to the starter, you might be able to play with them."

Around 6:15, the Starter heads for the golfers in the procession.

I asked, "Are there any people who have a reservation to start at 6:30?"

Then the people behind me proudly raised their hands.

They were the winners of Ballot yesterday.

Today's top stars are those who started at 6:30.

And one of the Japanese was called. He is his older brother.

"Do you bring a club?"

"It's in my car."

"Please bring it here soon," said Starter.

He rushed towards the car.

He seemed a little confused.

He seems to have been pressured by the Starter.

He needs to come back early and get started right away.

The following 6:40 and 6:50 parties have been canceled.

The golfers who surrounded the starter hat, including myself,

It seems that everyone was lucky enough to play golf on this day.

I was paired with my younger brother, one of the two Japanese.

The older brother was in a group before us.

I thought that the Starter's consideration was not enough in this area,

I learned that they were brothers because Japanese information came from my ears.

It must have been unknown to the Starter.

And my brother and I were in the same group as Allen in South Africa, who was behind me.

Thanks to the cancellation in the rain, we started unexpectedly early.

I made friends with them.

After returning to Japan, I played at a golf course in Gifu, Japan.

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