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⛳️St Andrews 2008 ③ Baptism at Jubilee Course was waiting

Updated: May 29, 2022

The game at Kingsbarns is over. I was freed from Korean players and left Kings Barns in a club pub, picking up chilli and moistening my throat. On the way back, of course, I couldn't make a mistake.

I made a mistake on the way because I turned towards A915 when I left the city of St Andrews.

If you look at the map, the coastline continues all the time.

A trekking course that walks along this coast is connected.

I live in Scotland, and one of my dreams is to walk along this coastline.

I often see people taking a walk with their dog or carrying a daypack and enjoying trekking when playing golf.

Well, this is St Andrews. Enjoy two rounds a day.

When I arrived at Jubilee and applied for a starter, I was able to play immediately, unlike the day before, because this day was Monday.

The Koreans who were with us at Kingsbarns also aimed for another golf course this time.

This time, I will enjoy playing golf alone.

However, the content of golf was miserable.

I have only one ball on the 13th hole.

I managed to keep it out of the long grass rough called Fescue on the left and right.

I went to connect.

At No. 14, I collected one lost ball, and soon after, I thought, "Is it something I can do?"

It disappeared at number 15.

An OB appears at No. 16, and everything is absent.

I had no choice but to walk the corner of the course and rush back to the guesthouse, being careful not to hit the ball hit by another golfer.

At that time, I was carrying a golf bag. And walking around the Japanese people, looking around to see if anyone was looking at them.

I feel miserable, but later I will remember it as a memory.

The driver, who was in good condition the day before, started to bend and entered the rough.

If that happens, it will be challenging to get out.

If you find a ball, you have to thank it for profit.

Fescue hurts me.

In the diary at that time, it was recorded that "I think that by carefully thinking about what to do if you get into the rough, you will be able to prevent serious injuries."

However, my unconsciousness is horrifying, so I learned that I can't deal with it by just "thinking carefully about what to do when I get into the rough."

In such cases, there are the following methods before the memory temporarily stored in the hippocampus remains as long-term memory in the limbic system. (Method taught by Dr Tomabechi)

  1. Project the image on the TV screen you imagined in your brain,

  2. Click the button to make the image on the TV smaller to make the image in the memory smaller.

  3. Then pick up the smaller image and throw it in the trash.

  4. You'll probably have to sleep another night before you feel St Andrews home.

When I returned to the inn and told Jackie about it, she felt sorry for me and was comforted by saying, "Jubilee is narrow and long. It's a difficult course."

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