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Something happens when the RAS filter opens.

Updated: May 29, 2022

To everyone who is about to start new product development

It is tentatively called a minor change to reduce the cost of the products that we are currently providing to our customers to make them a little more competitive than other companies.

We will overturn the current products from the ground up and create new products that will overwhelmingly surpass other companies.

It is precisely what we call innovation.

If you are an engineer, why not challenge the latter innovation!

What the human brain thinks is irrelevant is blocked by the RAS (reticular activating system) filter in the brain stem, which prevents it from receiving information as information.

In other words, the work of RAS allows you to receive only the information that you think is relevant to you. It is your normal condition.

In human perception, the current situation is that "it seems to be seen, but not seen".

Have you ever noticed yourself like that?

It is called Scotoma (psychological blind spot).

It is not the case if you want to incorporate it into a theme that you have come up with and that you want to solve. Even if you leave it alone, your body will become itchy, and if you notice it, you solve the problem.

However, when given the Kaizen theme, if you think, "I'm not in trouble even if it's the same as it is now." It has become.

Interfered with the RAS,

you can only receive information that you think is relevant to you.

Understand that the brain's information control function (RAS) is the activation network of the human brain, which is like a filter that passes only the parts that are considered necessary at that time.

The reason we have Scotoma is that we have RAS. So as long as our brain sees the current situation in front of us through a RAS filter, there is a scotoma, and no one is aware of the natural world as it is.

In other words, each person has a scotoma and a RAS and, as a result, sees only the world that is convenient for him.

Developing products based on new technologies that cannot achieve without innovation cannot be achieved by being at the current level of the world.

You have to break the current shell and go outside the current situation.

The current shell is the world covered with the scotoma mentioned earlier.

Nothing happens unless you jump out of the status quo if you want to succeed in innovation.

No change will occur.

Products with new technologies are not visible to you today.

However, your image should be able to feel its existence as an image at a much higher place than it is now.

Let's expand the image steadily.

By doing so, your RAS will disappear. The thick filter will come off.

The information needed to create "new products with new technologies" will naturally enter your brain when that happens.

The information you need is around you.

It's just a matter of noticing it. RAS makes it invisible.

Steve Jobs, the creator of Applen, also created the MAC in this way.

Initially, knowledge of calligraphy had nothing to do with the development of Macintosh.

Jobs has successfully integrated it and realized the epoch-making evolution of personal computers.

The ability to integrate this information is called Gestalt.

Create new value by integrating seemingly unrelated points and points from a higher perspective. That is what Jobs calls connecting the dots.

By connecting points as far away as possible, you can create a more dynamic gestalt.

You can't Gestalt even if you're sitting at your office desk. It may just thicken the scotoma.

Going outside and looking from above. As you look at the lower world from the roof of a building, it inevitably increases the level of abstraction.

It is because the scotoma comes off instantly, and a magnificent picture emerges there. In the case of Jobs, it was the birth of a personal computer that fused art and technology.

The ability to create new value by integrating things that exist separately = Gestalt ability.

You are a technical professional concerning a product. I think that you have received basic training in this Gestalt ability in your activities so far.

At first, I thought that the knowledge accumulated in the brain in fragments is one consistent system in you.

The amount of information distributed in modern society is increasing tremendously.

As a result, information in the office may be limited.

However, if we can organize and operate the vast amount of information in the world and build a new gestalt, it will be possible to create epoch-making value.

You are not alone.

We have reliable companions who are connected by the products you create.

By sharing the goal of completing the development of "new products with new technologies" with our colleagues, everyone's feelings will unite.

When you notice it, each person will feel more confident.

It is called collective efficacy.

A Collective is a set or a group.

Efficacy is a self-assessment of one's ability to achieve goals.

You will feel more confident among your group members.

If collective efficacy rises, you can solve anything that you cannot do alone.

I'm not telling you this for your comfort.

As I have said above, the theory of cognitive science explains academically.

Even in your immediate organization, they may feel frustrated when they set a goal and think about it for a while.

However, if you believe in everyone's strength and improve your collective efficacy, you will be able to see your goals.

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