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Some neurons respond only to certain things.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Studying the "Study of Consciousness" (Stanislas Duanne) can further deepen your understanding of coaching theory.

I am studying to add a unique flavour to "unconscious rewriting".

This series of blog posts are my study notes. This time, the theme that follows the unconscious and conscious

I will write a "sign of consciousness".


Dr Itzak Fried and colleagues have discovered that individual neurons can respond significantly selectively to images, names, or even concepts.

We showed the patient hundreds of images of faces, places, objects, words, etc. We found that specific cells usually respond to only one or two images.

For example, one neuron discharged only when shown an image of "Bill Clinton" and showed no reaction to others.

Other reports show that neurons responded to various photographs of patients' family members, landmarks such as the White House and the Sydney Opera House, or TV stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Homer Simpson.

It seems that the experience can activate the same neurons as when you showed the picture that the phrase points to just by showing the written phrase.

For example, the same neuron discharges in response to the Sydney Opera House photo and the phrase "Sydney Opera."

Specific images, such as Clinton's face, induce a unique pattern of active or inactive neurons.

And this internal code seems to be able to train the computer to guess the image that the subject is looking at with high accuracy.

The discharge of these neurons can be thought of as the gist of the image currently presented being encoded for conscious thinking.

Many neurons fire when the image is visible in the anterior temporal lobe.

Most cells give off spikes when the patient reports that they have seen the image. This phenomenon has been found to occur when the subject perceives the image.

Individual neurons track conscious perceptual images. These neurons fire only when a person consciously perceives a particular image.

For example, a particular neuron in the anterior temporal lobe of a human reacts to and fires an image of the same thing only when it is aware of the image of that particular thing.

The longer the image is displayed, the more conscious perception becomes. Neuronal discharge occurs only when the subject reports that the subject has seen the image.

This neuron only responds to specific images.

A myriad of neurons fire together, coding what we are looking at the things.

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