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Sightseeing in Edinburgh in 2015 summer.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Get off at the end station, Edinburgh Waverley Station, and head for Calton Hill. Due to my bad habit, even in the first land, I hit it correctly and started walking. I've been lost many times because of this bad habit.

I was able to walk around correctly without looking at the map, and this time I only ate a little bit of grass, but I corrected the trajectory on the way and arrived at Calton Hill.

It was a hill with nothing but a monument. But the view is excellent.

Looking around from the hill, I could see the expression of Arthur's Seat, a vast rock made by an ancient eruption, or a mountain-like block of rock in front of me, which was a masterpiece. I thought the name came from King Arthur's chair on a sharp rock.

On the other side is Edinburgh Castle. As mentioned in the guidebook, this is undoubtedly one of the best shooting points in Edinburgh. Even before 10 o'clock, there were many tourists, and I saw some people walking their dogs.

Return to Edinburgh station again and look for a bus tour nearby. I found a ticket office near the park, so I immediately bought a ticket valid for 24 hours and boarded the bus. This bus is valid for 24 hours, and you can get on and off freely. It was £ 20, so I thought it was more reasonable than going around the tourist spots by taxi. First of all, I decided to get off the bus in front of Edinburgh Castle and visit Edinburgh Castle.

When you get off the bus, a girl from the bus company in a blue uniform tells you to show your ticket. It sounded like that to me, but she seemed to ask if she had a ticket for a tour of the castle. Even if you buy it at the ticket office in the castle, the price is the same, but it will save you time because you do not have to line up. I thought later that I was glad I bought it. People were lining up at the ticket office in the castle.

It is full of tourists from the morning. My aim is a portrait of Queen Marie. When I saw it on TV, I was expecting it because there were no tourists and I got a solemn impression, but when there were many people, I couldn't feel that kind of atmosphere, and I was a little disillusioned.

Many tourists listen to the commentary on earphones. I thought it was probably a commentary on the feud with Queen Elizabeth and the tragedy at the end. The castle has a significant presence and enormous portraits, with a magnificent decoration in the centre.

I think the highlight of Edinburgh Castle is the city of Edinburgh overlooking from the top of the castle. The high places of Arthur's Seat and Calton Hill and the low streets where people live spread out were breathtaking scenery.

We're underway at the castle, preparations for a military tattoo, a summer speciality, and They settled a large stage and spectator seats at the castle entrance. During the Jazz & Blues Festival, mini-concerts were held everywhere in the city, and it was lively.

I don't particularly appreciate listening to jazz in the summer in Japan because it's hot and humid, so I wouldn't say I like it. Still, I thought it might be perfect for outdoor sessions because the summer in Scotland is excellent.

It is the colour of souvenirs coming down from the castle. The road extending straight downhill from the castle is called the Royal Mile and a lively street. Every store had similar items such as tartan shawls, scarves and whiskey. I was hungry because I ate only apples in the morning. It's already past 11 o'clock, so the pubs are starting to get crowded. So I ordered ale and soup at a nearby pub and had a meal.

Thanks to the ale, I feel a little better, so I will retake the bus. I became sleepy when I was swayed by the bus. When I noticed, I went around once and was at the starting point of the bus at Edinburgh station. So I took another bus and headed for Arthur's Seat.

I got off at the foot of the rock and started walking towards the mountains with many. I will climb while taking a rest on the way up a fairly steep uphill. Various people such as children and couples are walking.

It seems that it wasn't the route I walked to get to Arthur's Seat. I made a mistake. I walked down the underside of the protruding part of Arthur's Seat, leading to another peak. It would help if you were charged to turn back from here and try again.

While walking to the pick-up point of the city tour bus, I found the Holyrood House Palace. It was broadcast on Japanese TV last month, but it is a palace open to the public when Queen Elizabeth does not use it. The Queen will rarely use it in a year. They installed the fence for the general public, but I think it is open to the public in everyday life, and I feel this is a more regular landscape.

The area with Arthur's Seat is called Holyrood Park. The two were not connected in advance, but I think they were initially owned by the royal family and became a park as a whole. Admission is relatively high at £ 20, but it was worth seeing. The Queen's bedroom is also open to the public, but I thought about extra things such as whether the room is too large to sleep calmly and sleeping in a smaller place. I did.

As it belongs to the royal family, the garden was an incredible landscape. But, significantly, the place where you can look up at Arthur's Seat is a beautiful view as a borrowed landscape.

Unexpectedly, I was able to enjoy the wonderful garden.

Edinburgh is a little overwhelming for me now. I wish I had come when I was younger. I thought the night view was beautiful at night, but I couldn't keep up. If I had enough physical strength, I think I could have enjoyed walking on Arthur's Seat more.

But I've been to Scotland many times, but this is the first time I've been touring.

Until now, I arrived in Scotland, played golf for about 5 to 6 days, and returned to Japan. This time, I watched the opening, and I was able to see Edinburgh.

The condition of the golf

Well, I just played the same golf as before, but for good or bad, I was blocked by the agony club and could go sightseeing.

Summer in Scotland is a comfortable and cosy place to spend.

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