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Please go through the process.

You are intelligent people.

If you have any problems, you can immediately come up with a countermeasure.

And doing it right away solves the problem.

But we have a habit of digging into the cause of the problem before thinking about what to do.

I often use the term honesty, but honesty cannot solve the problem.

It's essential to adhere to the process and, when a problem becomes apparent, find out the cause.

Sometimes it's easy to think of a solution and then implement it, and it will work.

However, once you start Kaizen, it is essential to visualise all the themes you are targeting, identify the problems, and dig deeper into the causes.

No real Kaizen can be made without going through this process.

Adapting electronic tools is not an improvement. It's just a process change.

(Replace the work that people were doing with machines)

For example, when you want to halve the work that took 50 hours,

I come up with a measure that says, "Kaizen using the app."

It would be nice if there were a magical app, but that doesn't exist in the world yet.

All you can do with the app is process the input data instantly and output the correct answer.

Isn't it what you are worried about daily to create the correct data?

What are you doing for that?

Have you made an inquiry to the person in the previous process?

Why do you do that? Isn't it because the information about the former emperor is wrong or missing?

I will introduce the app without improving here.

Once you get the correct information, you can quickly finish the work by using spreadsheet software if you have the ability.

If you replace it with a computer algorithm, the answer will come out sooner.

But the problem isn't there.

Isn't it inquiring about the accuracy of the information you enter by phone or email initially?

If you want to halve 50 hours, visualise what's happening in 50 hours.

If you can do this, you can easily take measures, and it will be a reliable measure.

As I said before, some people have told me that cost reduction in the publishing industry "only reduces the quality of the paper."

People who work with such a poor way of thinking are pathetic.

If you dig deep into 50 hours, you may end up with 20 hours of checking and correcting information about the previous process.

Everyone, please do Kaizen with your feet on the ground, honestly.

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