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My brain doesn't notice even if it is replaced.

Updated: May 29, 2022

(Cognitive science) In coaching, rewriting the unconscious is a powerful means of achieving the goal.

By studying "Study of Consciousness", I would like to think about my method and the coaching theory, such as unconscious rewriting.

This series of blog posts is my study note.


It's a story about a change-blind experiment.

Experiments that do not notice the fact even if a part of the picture disappears

When the experimenter alternately displays a complete picture and a partially deleted picture every few seconds on the screen with a slight blank period,

● The subject insists that both are the same picture. Even if there is a significant change, such as the engine of the aeroplane disappearing.

An experiment that does not notice the fact that people have changed.

On the Harvard campus, an actor asks a passing student for directions.

However, a passing worker temporarily interrupts the conversation.

When the conversation resumes two seconds later, the actor has been replaced by another actor.

● Although the two actors have different hairstyles and clothes, most people are unaware that they have changed.

An experiment that you overlook even if your favourite female photo is replaced.

Show the male subject two cards with the female face and ask which one you prefer.

The experimenter gives the chosen card to the subject, but for a short time, turns face down,

The two cards are secretly swapped, and the subject is handed the unselected card.

● Half of the subjects were unaware that the experimenter swapped the photos, and some made up the reason why the female face at hand was more attractive than the other for the cards they did not choose.

Please watch this video at the end. WHODUNNIT?

There seems to be nothing suspicious.

However, when another camera shoots the same scene, the viewer suddenly realizes overlooked many anomalies.

The second footage shows five assistants exchanging furniture, replacing a bear with armour, changing their coat, and helping an actor try to replace what he has in his hand. In the video, which is less than a minute, you can see that the stage equipment, which the eyes of 21 points can confirm, was replaced.

Viewers who know nothing will overlook them altogether.

From these experiments, we can see that:

Lack of attention can erase almost anything

from consciousness and can be an essential tool for investigating

the contrast between conscious and unconscious perception.

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