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Most things can be solved if you can recognize the problem.

Updated: May 29, 2022

How do you find a problem (have a problem awareness)?

Do you look at your feet and sigh and say, "I'm in trouble"?

It is essential to look at the current situation, but it alone does not reveal any significant problems.

First of all, it is essential to raise your face and draw what you want to be in the future.

Toyota's problem solving is defined as "a problem is a gap between the current situation and what it should be."

Therefore, it is necessary to visualize the present situation and the ideal future.

Toyota continues to use the word "what it should be",

It refers to the ideal state.

= After this, I will replace it with an "ideal future".

From the "current situation" or the "ideal future."

It doesn't matter which one, so let's visualize it.

It is recommended to write it out on paper.

Come on, try it.

How is it?

I can either write out the "current situation" or the "ideal future" immediately.

I wonder why?

Each person has a cosy world.

It's called the comfort zone.

The brain and mind feel a great deal of discomfort in getting out of the comfort zone.

It is in a state of Scotoma.

For example, I was told to "raise my motivation!" And do my best.

Even if you feel positive

The other-self (unconscious) does not accept the forced motivation.

As a result, it's easy to get back.

Because of the Scotoma, the "current situation" and "ideal future" could not be written out immediately.


If the person becomes aware of ScotomaScotoma, they will soon see another world.

Since it is wrapped in the haze, the outside of the haze cannot be seen.

The best way to make this visible is with the help of a coach who understands this Karakuri.

If you don't notice it, I'll gently remove it.

At Kaizen, it's something I do daily, so it's easy for me.

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