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Links Lab. was published in the November issue of Company Tank.

Kaizen not only in physical space but also in information space

Links Lab. is featured in the November issue of Company Tank magazine CloseUp! was published in.


Time flows from the future.

Everyone can envision the future in their brain. This world/universe is an information space.

We cannot kaizen the past; even if we do, we cannot change the future.

So, Time flows from the future.

Nothing will change if you imagine it as long as you live.

It includes work and your entire life.

If you are dissatisfied with what you are doing,

The solution may be to jump outside the status quo.


Kaizen for the future is, for example, something like this.

Think about what you want to do.

Music, sports, art.

For example, in my case, music and jazz drums were what I wanted to do.

I encountered a drum set in elementary school at my cousin's house.

It was love at first sight. The first Time I was allowed to hit it, I remember feeling tremendous excitement and a tingling sensation as an electric current ran down my back.

At that Time, I thought, "I want to do it!"

My cousin gave me a stick, and when I got home, I practised every day without letting go of the stick, using my thighs as a practice platform.

At that Time, what I thought, "I want to do!" was "a first-class drummer." So that's my pure goal.

When I became a high school student, I was invited to play baseball, but I didn't see a connection to the path of becoming a "first-class drummer", so I was a bald boy, and before I knew it, I was enrolled in the brass band club.

At that Time, I initially aimed for the trumpet, but within half a month, I switched to percussion.

After that, I joined the modern jazz study group at university, but various things led me to where I am today.

There were several obstacles to becoming a professional drummer.

At that Time, if I had known about coaching, I would have shaken off the inhibitions of Dream Killer and pushed forward.

I don't want to blame the dream killer at this age, but it's a shame that the power to erode the dreams of young children, not just words, is at work.

Feeling as if your envisioned future is a natural event makes you feel unsatisfied with the world.

(This happens when you have a firm goal fix that bounces off the dream killer.)

It is proof that your unconscious has started to move toward the future.

Even if you think you can't do it now, when your unconscious starts to work, information that you haven't been able to recognize before jumps into your brain.

All you have to do is believe in yourself and increase the presence of your envisioned future.

However, there is one crucial thing.

The future you envision must be set outside of your current situation.

In Toyota Kaizen, we have always pursued the ideal form.

Since the 1960s, Toyota-style kaizen has continued the knowledge that cognitive science has reached.

Goals set within easy reach will not motivate your unconscious mind.

We need to set future goals outside of the current situation.

With a trusted coach, you can find your future goals faster than you can by yourself.

When you find your goal, your unconscious mind begins to work, and you become overwhelmed with energy.

I call this method KaizenYourFuture.

COMPANY TANK November 2022 issue (published by International Information Management Co., Ltd.

Media personality Miho Yabe interviewed me on July 1st.

That article will be published separately.

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