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It is recommended that the information be viewed with a high degree of abstraction.

Updated: May 29, 2022

How is product development?

Did your RAS open?

Did Scotoma come off before that?


If you are serious about "I want to develop a new product," your mind (brain) will find a good way.

Individual differences depend on the person, so it will not inspire everyone simultaneously, but early people may already be changing.

If you escape to the outside of the current situation instead of extending it until now,

We can see hints of new technology that has never existed before by overturning the current technology from the ground up.

You can't get together, cross your arms, look down, and groan.

When you relax, your brain is designed to give you the best performance.

No matter how hard you try with a twisted headband, it will have the opposite effect.

Do you remember Steve Jobs' connecting the dots?

As I explained in the previous blog,

The knowledge of calligraphy had nothing to do with the development of Macintosh.

It was the perfect integration of this and the epoch-making evolution of personal computers.

It is Jobs.

The ability to integrate this information is called Gestalt.

Create new value by integrating seemingly unrelated points and points from a higher perspective. That is what Jobs calls connecting the dots.

By connecting points as far away as possible, you can create a more dynamic gestalt.

The developer's wisdom brings value to the end-users work, the person who makes the product, the person who installs it, and so on.

Since Steve connected the two points and integrated them into one, MAC users dreamed of putting their computers on their laps and creatively creating different things.

As an engineer, you can take on the challenge of innovation.

Your ideas bring value to those involved.

If you still feel Scotoma blocks you, you don't have to do your best, so relax.

Create your smile when you find a good idea and the happy appearance of the members around you.

Maybe you have a face or a face.

Maybe he's doing guts pose and "I did it!"

"I'm busy; don't have time to do such stupid things."

So you may think that you are just starting to look for the innovation you want to do. But unfortunately, it can be difficult to squeeze out a good idea by clinging to your desk.

American swimming gold medalist Michael Phelps won 23 gold medals but was encouraged by coach Mark Schubert to do what he did every day.

  1. I practised twice as much as other players every day

  2. I ran 10km every day to strengthen my essential physical strength

  3. I went to church every day and prayed to God

There is no correct answer among these three.

Coach Mark Schubert does not teach the technical aspects of swimming

Before going to bed every night, he advised Michael to think of his victory at the Olympics and imagine what he was feeling.

”Imagine what you see, smell, and sound when climbing the Olympic podium and winning a gold medal."

"It made the goal more realistic."

It makes Michael's unconscious convinced of the victory.

The mind is confident of victory.

Tiger Woods is said to have been taught how to use his mind by his father from an early age, Earl Woods, who belonged to the US military.

People above a specific position in the US military receive Thais-style coaching. Earl Woods seems to have been in a position to be coached, so I think you can believe this story.

The Thais-style coaching is almost the same as the Tomabechi-style coaching, so what I have written so far is based on the standard theory of the two coachings.

Half of the Fortune 500 companies have adopted the Thais style.

In addition, the original Lou Tice and Dr Tomabechi coach the presidents of many countries.

Often there is coaching that teaches how to communicate with your boss and your subordinates, but with that kind of coaching, I wouldn't find it worthwhile to be certified.

It is enough to do TQM.

As I wrote before, the RAS is the activation network system of the human brain.

And it is like a filter that passes only the part that I thought was important at that time.

The reason we have Scotoma is that we have RAS. So as long as the brain looks at the current situation through a RAS filter, there is a scotoma, and no one is aware of the natural world as it is.

In other words, each person has a scotoma and a RAS and, as a result, sees only the world that is convenient for him.

Once the RAS filter is open, you'll see important information.

That critical information may seem important at first glance.

It is you who connect them and discover new technologies.

When analysing new information and current technology, it is essential to look at it from various perspectives, not just one.

Above all, I recommend you to look at it from above.

Usually, if it is something, I think that I will try to understand it by looking at it from various angles.

Since information cannot be physically said to be above or below, it is abstraction and reification.

If the factual information is the image, what you see from above is to increase the level of abstraction.

Increasing the level of abstraction of information makes it look different.

Sometimes extra information is hidden, and only necessary information is visible.

Please refer to it.

Please do not try to force Scotoma off.

Even if you force it, it will not come off.

Like Michael, to increase the sense of presence in achieving goals.

Believe in your power, like a tiger.

Please refer to this.

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