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Information space process Kaizen ⑦ What is KaizenyourFuture?

So far, in the article "Process of Information Space Kaizen ① ~ ⑥",

I have talked about process Kaizen in the physical space and information space.

This time, we have created an image diagram of the concept to deliver it to everyone.

Physical space at the bottom. The upper side from there is the information space.

I put the image of TPS (Toyota Production System) as Kaizen in the physical space.

After setting the ideal figure (goal), we will enter from the "denial of the current situation in the head" of the Kaizen target person.

It is the same as "scotoma removal" in cognitive science.

And we will visualize the current situation.

I put the image of TPD (Toyota Product Development) on it.

After setting the ideal figure (goal), improvement starts from "denial of the current situation = removal of Scotoma".

In product development, know-how that is in the mind of an individual and is invisible to others

The procedure for visualization comes next.

The process that changes information is also different from the physical process.

Visualization = The procedure for improving visualization is the same.

In the upper right corner of the TPD, you can also find software development for Agile and DevSecOps.

At the top is a picture of the human brain.

Mirai exists as a memory in your brain.

"Kaize Mirai" is to Kaizen that memory.

After clarifying goals that are outside the current situation

As with TPS and TPD, denying the current situation = removing Scotoma is the start of Kaizen.

For the first time, finding the cause of Scotoma and removing it

Raising the efficacy needed to reach the ideal goal is

It will be a concrete means.

Looking at the Kaizen process of physical space and information space in a superordinate concept, each Kaizen procedure is connected wonderfully.

I have these experiences, Toyota's Problem Solving and Cognitive Science Coaching Theory,

We will help you to draw your future.

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