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Information Space Process Kaizen ① "Visualization" of Information Space

Updated: May 29, 2022

Step1 Clarify the problem.

Step2 Break down the problem

Improving the manufacturing floor also begins with a clear visualization of this issue.

It is famous that former Vice President Taiichi Ohno instructed former Honorary Chairman Fujio Cho to draw a circle beside the production line and "observe there until something is visible."

At the manufacturing site, "Omotedori" = "Show the current state of life."

Improvement starts from there.

"Flow diagram of things and information"

In the lean world, it seems to be called Value Stream Mapping.

And the current way of recording.

In contrast to the standard (Kihen no Hyojun), it is called the table (Omote Hyojun).

Even in the vehicle development process, Kaizen

You can proceed in the same way.

The photo on the left shows the vehicle development process.

In the example of the table (Omote Hyojun),

Kaizen idea is written on a sticky note and pasted on the table.

A set of equipment called a manufacturing line can be seen as a process at the manufacturing site.

On the other hand, the process of vehicle development does not exist physically, of course.The table in the photo above is what I put on paper.

"Mieruka" is a word used synonymously with "visualization."

Considering the background of these words at the production site,

It will be easier to understand if it is defined as follows.

"Mieruka" To make the phenomenon of physical space visible

"Kashika" To make the splendour of the information space visible

Feelings of a person in charge of the counter (teller) when doing the Kaizen of the counter business of the bank

I have put it on the table.

Isn't it easy to understand if this is expressed by the word "visualization"?

In a workplace where members are having trouble with the quality issues of Kaizen

We had a two-hour session involving all the people involved using QC's affinity method.

What each person involved feels daily,

It doesn't matter if you're happy or in trouble

I had them write it down on a sticky note in advance.

In the session, while explaining what each person wrote on the sticky note,

I put it on imitation paper.

A word ignited the awareness of the problem that was sleeping in the hearts of all the participants.

Later, there was an idea to fold it up.

It was an instant event for two hours.

I felt I could "visualize" what the participants were thinking today.

And an ordinary consciousness was born among all the participants.

Of course, there is also an information space at the production site.

The information space is in the mind of the on-site manager.

"Visualization" was the beginning of the case where the managers and supervisors at the site were aware of their roles and missions and improved their behaviour.

We will continue to carry out activities that "visualize" the information space and improve.

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