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If you notice a wasteful redo, it's a chance for Kaizen.

Updated: May 29, 2022

There is no redoing that is not wasteful.

Repetition with a purpose or meaning is different from redoing.

Traditionally, the time it takes to develop large machines has been a headache for those involved.

The latest development project took three years, from the start of development to business negotiations.

(This image is different from the giant machine in this story)

In the next project, we will shorten this development period as much as possible and increase the attractive product series.

The biggest challenge is to gain a competitive advantage.

Development leader challenges

Development of products with high propulsion that meet customer needs

Shortening development lead time

To solve this enormous challenge, the leader wanted to change something.

The TPS (Toyota-style Kaizen) method, which has been implemented for several years, is used at the manufacturing site.

It was effective, and something in my heart attracted me.

However, I think Kaizen at the manufacturing site and development work are entirely different.

In manufacturing, we are eliminating waste.

What is the waste of development?

I started by visualizing the current situation.

I didn't want to remember the development project that took three years last time.

However, it is a fact that it took three years.

I couldn't clearly explain what was happening, so

I decided to write out what it was like on paper.

The people concerned gathered and traced the records, and they were completed wall-filled table (Omotehyojun) * of the conference room.

* Table: Visualize the current state of life

What was done

When we all discussed while looking at the table, we could see various wasteful movements.

It was the moment when Scotoma came off.

By visualizing with the table (Omotehyojun),

I calmly looked back on what happened and began to notice the problem.

I had the impression that there were a lot of vague redoes in my head,

For the first time, I was reminded of this reality.

Until now, I have gathered the people involved and discussed it.

However, each person's thoughts differed, and the discussions did not always engage.

In front of the table, the facts are recorded so that no member can imagine an opinion.

I am now able to give constructive opinions.

"DR on XX days was incomplete."

"The cause is that the information in the XX group was incorrect."

"You misread the test results."

It has become possible to discuss the causes of specific issues such as.

Following "Development lead time halved (development period three years ⇨ 1.5 years)."

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