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If you get stuck in traffic, use the frontal lobe

Updated: May 29, 2022

Last Saturday, I went to Chiba using Aqualine for the first time in a long time.

I wouldn't say I like traffic jams.

I don't think anyone likes traffic, but when you get stuck in traffic,

People driving the cars around them look like "traffic jam mania".

At times like this, when you're addicted to traffic

Curse yourself if you plan to go through this road.

Eventually, I get drowsy.

Sing out loud as you can think of it so that you don't fall asleep.

My voice withered, and I coughed, but when I stopped singing, I became drowsy again.

Open the window.

Also, start singing.

I think you all have similar experiences.

The point where I ran 2km through the tunnel from Yokohama Bay Bridge to Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge

A junction to Haneda Airport and Aqualine.

Recently, I only come on weekdays, but today is Saturday.

When I got to bed the night before, I had a bad feeling.

The belief that traffic jams will occur on Saturdays and Sundays may have attracted traffic jams.

At the junction of Haneda and Aqualine,

The truck that was running in front was signalled with a hazard lamp.

"It's the beginning of traffic! Don't collide! I understood that it was a signal.

Curiously, the actions I took were different than before.

I learned to think calmly in the frontal lobe without using the amygdala as much as possible.

When the last truck stopped, and I saw the hazard lights, I felt the same emotion as before, "Year, after all, traffic jam! The feeling of "is generated electrically.

But right after that, "No, wait!"

What is your start time today?

How much traffic is an obstacle?

~~ All right, I can afford it.

I was able to think in the frontal lobe.

At such times, the amygdala reacts first,

If you have a habit of considering using the frontal lobe,

It won't get hotter than it needs to be.

My temper kept calm is also the effect of studying coaching.

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