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Homeostasis also maintains our internal representation of the universe's changes that surround us.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Even if you don't know the word homeostasis, I think that there are many things that anyone can think of as "Oh, that's it" with the following explanations.

The American physiologist Cannon propose homeostasis in the first half of the 20th century. Homeostasis is a function that automatically regulates physiological conditions such as body temperature and blood pressure even if the environment changes) "Mind and Brain-Introduction to Cognitive Science (Iwanami Shinsho)" (written by Yuichiro Anzai)

In addition, homeostasis also connects to the human mind.

Homeostasis directly links to the physical space and the human mind (internal expression). However, it is related to the environmental feedback of the living body, such as "goosebumps when it gets cold" and "sweat when it gets hot". Therefore, when you see a scary scene in a movie, you can get goosebumps or make people sweat by suggestions such as Hypnosis. From "Hideto Tomabechi's" Kikou "Brainwashing: The True Identity of" Kikou "from the Viewpoint of Brain Science" (written by Hideto Tomabechi)

Homeostasis constantly updates its information by feeding the outside world to keep the living body alive. From "A great leader has a different" brain. (written by Hideto Tomabechi)

Organizing about homeostasis

Homeostasis keeps us constant against changes in the environment that surrounds us.

If we change the background to the word "universe", we are entirely inside the homeostatic function of the universe.

Homeostasis constantly updates its information by feeding back to the outside world.

If the outside temperature rises, the body temperature will drop

On a hot day, put a photo of the Antarctic iceberg in your room, and it will cool you just by looking at it.

Homeostasis is directly linked to the physical space and the human mind (internal expression) to maintain the "inner expression".

Homeostasis also maintains our comfort zone (just right for you)

The fact that homeostasis functions to feedback (synchronizing) with the outside world mean it takes in outside information and changes the internal expression.

If you can utilize the synchronization of homeostasis at an unconscious level, you will be able to draw the other person into your own immersive space anytime, anywhere.

Prana (Prana means "ki" in Sanskrit)

If you rewrite the internal expression of a person by brainwashing etc., the person will act as it is.

Coaching has a lot of experience and examples of making dramatic changes in your brain, based on this theory of human brain function.

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