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Gossip occupies the centre of conversation because it emphasizes the reliability of sources.

Updated: May 29, 2022

「By studying "Study of Consciousness", I would like to think about coaching theory, such as rewriting my unconsciousness.

This series of blog posts are my study notes.


Everyone thinks that our conversation is not nasty like a gossip article.

However, it is undeniable that gossip is relatively frequent and occupies the centre of the conversation.

There is an experiment by Iranian psychologist Bahrami on what we value through conversation, including the increased frequency of gossip.

He paired the subjects and gave them a simple perceptual task.

In each trial, the subject pair looks at the screen twice and answers whether the first or second screen had the image displayed near the threshold.

At that time, each pair answered separately at first.

After that, if their answers did not agree, the subject encouraged them to discuss quickly and agree.

In each trial, the two subjects must always give one answer as a pair.

The experiment results were significantly more accurate when the abilities of the two subjects were close together.

I think this discovery exemplifies "the wisdom of Manjushri if three people approach".

The advantage of Bahrami's experimental method is that it can be modelled mathematically.

Multiple brains' optimization rules for judgments were precisely the same as in one brain.

Instead of communicating the subtle nuances of what they are seeing, they convey to the other person a categorized answer, including a judgment of the degree of conviction.

It turns out that the pair with excellent results voluntarily adopt this strategy.

They are,

  • "I can say for sure (certain)."

  • "Very unsure"

  • By using phrases such as "just guessing."

They also communicated the degree of conviction.

Some even devised a numerical scale to measure the degree of conviction.

By using means to share the degree of conviction

The performance of the pair improved dramatically and became the highest.

Bahrami's experiments explain that judging the degree of conviction plays an essential role in the workings of consciousness.

For conscious thinking to benefit you and others, you need to mark each one with a degree of conviction.

We don't just tell you that you know what you know or that you know what you don't know. When you are aware of a piece of information, you can add certainty or degree of uncertainty to it.

And when it comes to social aspects, we are always trying to check

the credibility of our sources, keeping in mind who said what to whom

and what the words were correct.

That's why gossip occupies the centre of conversation for the above reasons.

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