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Game change: Swiss case of "Zenith."

Updated: May 29, 2022

There was a Swiss watchmaker called "Zenith".

A watchmaker can manufacture all the internal mechanisms (movements) of watches in-house and make mechanical, so-called "self-winding" watches.

After that, the Japanese watchmaker "Seiko" developed and released a quartz watch and later published a patent, and each company competed to release a quartz watch. The price of the quartz watch dropped significantly.

A major industrial revolution in watches was called the "quartz shock."

As a result, Zenith, a mechanical watch, fell into a financial crisis and was acquired by an American home appliance company that made televisions and other products.

The parent company that acquired it stopped the production of mechanical watches, saying that "the time is now for quartz."

The new management team told me to dispose of all the drawings and moulds, but the factory manager thought it would be wrong if the mechanical watch technology were cut off, pretending to follow this instruction.

I packed drawings and moulds in a shoebox and secretly hid them in the factory's attic.

Ten years later, Zenith was acquired by a Swiss fund and returned to the Swiss capital.

Around this time, the price of quartz watches had dropped even further, making them one of the everyday items.

So Swiss executives decided to revive Zenith's production of mechanical watches, deciding that mechanical watches with more core fans would have higher margins than low-margin quartz watches.

Zenith would not have been able to meet the demands of Swiss management if it had discarded mechanical watch drawings and moulds as directed by American management during the "quartz shock."

Also, they didn't pass down the technology for manufacturing mechanical watches to the present day.

It was still a relatively short period of 10 years, so that I could bring back the engineers at that time. It took time to make a precision watch like before it was discontinued.

The problem is that "technology" is obsolete.

Gasoline cars are made by collecting the best technology. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the technology of electric vehicles is almost unnecessary compared to gasoline vehicles.

Once the technology is disrupted, it cannot be easily undone.

The most important thing in technology is "inheritance". In that sense, the "zero gasoline car policy" is a policy to crush Japanese automobile manufacturers.

Even in sports at international competitions, judo is no longer Japanese judo.

The rules have changed, and there are so many boring games that you can't see. I think it should start from where we grab each other's collars.

However, it is not uncommon for it to take three minutes to grab each other's collar and go into an extension.

It is also what it is now, as the rules have changed from the original to internationalization.

It is precisely the case with the rule change from gasoline to EV.

It is also p that the rule of ✊goo ✌choki ✋par is changed to choki par goo later.

Instead, we are making <Nomi>, an almighty that can beat goo per choki.

It feels like just replacing children's play with the world of adults.

However, the current situation is that this has become common sense globally.

Now is the time for those who have worshipped God to look away from the word. Instead, "God" collect money only by itself.


Fortunately or unfortunately, Japan has received special education since the defeat.

For example, it is ridiculous to see from other places that the people of the defeated nations, who have been educated to think that the United Nations is an authoritative institution, have absolute trust in the United Nations. That is it.

My father received that education and died with the belief that militarism = emperor = evil.

The actual truth is in each person's brain, and there may be no actual image anywhere.

However, it is not something that someone brainwashes and creates by accumulating important information in the brain in one's relationship.

I don't want to be misunderstood, but I'm not criticizing anything.

I think it is essential to have the ability to select the highest quality information possible because it is "to store and create important information in your relationship."

I think it's essential to make decisions on your own with this kind of strength.

When I was a company, I was indifferent to public information other than work. However, after I retire, I am getting into my current state of mind by expanding my frontage and getting in touch with various information.

On the other hand, we welcome the present reality by envisioning the future after retirement. Before coaching. (The "coaching" I took at the company is out of the question)

We encourage readers of this blog to have a perspective that goes beyond the status quo.

Coaching explains that what is hidden from the current point of view is called "Scotoma". If you set a goal beyond that, much information you have not noticed until now will jump in.

It is a "belief" in the Toyota production system.

Kaizen begins by breaking the "belief."

Even if the current situation is visualized, if it is hidden in "belief = Scotoma", the real problem cannot be seen.

Scotoma is hidden in the "comfort zone".

Everyone is familiar with a comfortable environment like that.

The "comfort zone" may be created by a dream killer, but it may also be due to the homeostasis function = (maintaining average body temperature).

Dream killer is people who break their dreams around them, but they may come in contact with them for good, so ignore them or determine their true intentions to eliminate their influence on themselves. I can do it.

If you believe that the influence of others will not destroy you, then there is no problem.

Homeostasis is a phenomenon in which everything in the universe and all things are affected, so it is essential to feel it and be aware of it within yourself and make a good compromise.

If you receive coaching from now on, we will guide you in language / non-language.

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