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⛳️Endangered Golf Clubs: In Scotland, Japanese golfers are friends with bunkers.

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The answer returned was, "Youcan't go back anymore."


Covid has isolated the time, and I feel like another time is flowing.

It was three years ago, on Monday, August 13, 2018, but the memories of golfing at Irvine feel like last year.

It was my third visit to Irvine in 2018, following 2013 and 2015.

It was in September 2009 that I changed to an agony club.

Six years later, in 2015, I received a cold encouragement from my teacher, "I can't go back." 2013 and 2015 were amid agony.

As I mentioned in last week's blog, it seems that I was finally able to get out of the tunnel of agony by being able to cut 90 with Prestwick. J has been watching me in agony for two years and was pleased to feel better.

I enjoyed match play with two of J's friends at the Irvine Golf Club. Mr M & Mr BJ vs, J & I And J and I were able to win the match play. Until now, I was pulling J's leg so that I couldn't win even once. The stroke is not directly related because it is a match, but it was 88.

The Irvine Golf Club has the impression that it is too hard and long for me.

I make mistakes occasionally, but as my approach has become more accurate, this has led to my grades. The Irvine Golf Club has many par 4s over 400 yards, which is tough for my distance. But if you succeed in the rest of the approach, you may be able to pick it up.

This photo is the final 18th fairway. The teeing ground (teeing area) is designed to launch toward the cliff in front. J told me that it was an excellent shot. Unfortunately, the rest to the green was 125 yards, which was long-distance.

A successful two-two-on in the final hole and a par finish was the most excellent harvest of the entire journey.


I told you what I did when I first visited Irvine in 2013.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I always visit Irvine in August because I was an office worker at the time, so I used to travel during the summer vacation of the company.

J appeared in the hotel lobby at 8:30 as promised. He was about 10 minutes late, but when he said such a wild thing to Scottish people, he seemed to dislike "Toyota man is fine!", So I decided not to pursue it much here. The Japanese, as well as the Toyota Man, are generally a time-accurate ethnic group.

Are you awake ??? I am getting clothes and clubs ready, see you soon.

I received this message from J an hour ago, so I didn't rush if he was a little late.

J carried a caddy bag and hung his shoes. It was the first time I met J in person. After that, we got to know each other through FaceBook and exchanged messages. I used to write about my favourite Scottish golf on Facebook from time to time, so it all started when I got a message from J when I saw it.

I ordered coffee from the hotel's front desk and started to discuss the schedule for the future.

First is the means of transportation. J brought me a pamphlet for a car rental company in the city, so I looked at it and narrowed down the cars I rented, and J called the car rental company.

There were various exchanges, but after golf was over, I made a reservation by picking up the car after 4 o'clock.

Then call a taxi to the golf course. The taxi driver is younger than J, and he has known him since childhood. J is directing the way to the golf course. In less than 10 minutes, he arrived at DUN DONALD.

DUN DONALD Great Lynx. The clubhouse is a little small, but the links are correct in front of you. (The clubhouse was completed in 2021 in a luxurious building with accommodation and restaurants. I want to stay here the next time I visit Irvine.)

There is a green fairway, and tall dead grass grows on both sides of the fairway. And the lush leaves of gorse. And the pink flowers of heath are also blooming like crawling on the ground. It is my favourite landscape.

Mr BJ was waiting at the restaurant. He has a good beard. (B of BJ is Beard) He was a quiet type of person who liked it. After this, we will play golf together several times.

The name of the person who came just before the start was J. I was impressed that he was busy calling while playing.

Playing at Lynx has begun.

Everyone cheered me as my ball flew straight from the start. Others were having a hard time getting caught in the rough.

Immediately after that, I was caught in a guard bunker in front of the green and hit 12 strokes. So I was prey to bunkers in the first hole of a round in Scotland. And I was sucked into several bunkers after that. So it was a lot of work.

After playing, when we talk with four people, the name "Tommy Nakajima" comes up. There seems to be a formula in Scotland called Japanese + bunker slap = Tommy Nakajima.

When it comes to the 17th broadcast of The Open by St. Andrews, it is almost always a cliché of Japanese TV commentator Tohari. I didn't think Japanese players were so well known in Scotland, so I thought Mr Tohari's comments were exaggerated. But in Scotland, I was even impressed that it was a well-known event for the general public.

After this, whenever I talk about golf in Japan, I always talk about it.

By the way, I don't know Mr Tohari in particular, but at one point, I had around with him at the Taiheiyo Club Gotemba course. His commentary on TV is No. 1, but surprisingly golf was at the amateur level.

It is customary to have a lunch break after nine holes at golf courses in Japan. In front of the Gotemba course restaurant is a pond beside the green, where Tiger Woods took a stunning approach at the 2001 EMC World Cup. While eating, Tohari saw the ripples of rain falling in the pond and said, "Mr Yamada, I'm going home." I doubted my ears, but he just went home.

He returns to DUN DONALD. The shot didn't bend that day, so I don't think it was so bad, but the approach around the green didn't work at all. At the short course of the Menzies Hotel where I was staying the day before, I was hitting comfortably alone. However, on this day, I got more substantial, and on the contrary, I was too weak, and I could not reach it, so the score could not be calculated.

Only one, on the second shot of the 17th par 4, the ball that hit the top with 3W rolled well and reached the green. I remembered the same thing that happened on the second hole on the St. Andrews Old Course in 2004.

Around this time, I was seriously thinking about accepting the agony club.

The agony golf swing was laughed at by two, Mr J and Mr B J. It's easier to do this if you laugh brightly. Seeing that, J shook the shaft from side to side and explained something to them, but I couldn't hear it well because I wasn't good at English.

I was worried about getting advice from J, but that was fine. J advised Mr BJ but did not give me any advice. I thanked J for being happy about this area. J is a pretty good guy.

Lynx has grass on soft sand, so it feels great when the club hits the ground. Thanks to that, I can make a smooth swing. It's still the first day, but I'm looking forward to the remaining three rounds.

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