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⛳️Playing golf with a friend & his two grandchildren has blown my sickness somewhere.

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has me make a club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Otani, Yokosuka.

Agony has already been going on for six years.

I never told my teacher, "I want to stop. I want to get it back."

The answer returned is, "You can't go back anymore."


Glasgow Gales is a 3-minute walk behind the hotel where I was staying. Officially called the Glasgow Golf club Gales course.

The golf course gate is right next to the hotel, so the exact approach from the gate to the clubhouse is a 3-minute walk. If you walk toward the clubhouse, you will see a vast and beautiful lawn on your right. Some people are hitting the ball from near the clubhouse, so you can see that this large area is the driving range. They trimmed the lawn was like a fairway. Some luxury cars will overtake me.

I feel pressured by the scenery and luxury cars.

When I entered the clubhouse, I found a pro shop on my right. It's a small shop, but I liked one of the rainwear on display, so I said, "Can I try this one?".

A friendly voice came back saying, "Of course, no problem". The Pro will kindly respond to me when I try it, such as bringing you a mirror. Rainwear, etc.

I don't use it much in Japan these days, but I bought it.

It is predicted that the rain in Kelburn will remain in our minds and that the probability of rain will suddenly increase to 80% from Friday, the second day of The Open. Therefore, I decided it was a must-have item for watching the game.

When I was trying on rainwear at a pro shop, an elderly older man called out to me.

"It suits you."

"Oh really? Thank you."

"Will you play here?"

"Can I play here?"

"I don't know. I'm a member of this course, ask him."

"Oh, I'm sorry; thank you."

"Tomorrow will be fine, but it'll be raining on Friday and Saturday. Enjoy your golf."

I had a conversation with such a member. I found out that tomorrow's weather forecast is not wrong and that they will get visitors at this golf course, so I asked a professional, and I did not make a reservation at 9:00 tomorrow. It was also possible to play.

I heard, "Do you want to play here?"

" I have no time for play today.

Can I play tomorrow?"

"What time?"

"I want to early morning."

"How about 9:00?"

"It's great, but I can't make a reservation now."

"You don't book now? Ok if you come here at 9:00, you can play"

At first, I was a little overwhelmed by the members wearing buildings, luxury cars, and blazers, but when I talked to them, the professionals at the pro shop gave me a friendly response, so I was in a good mood. I was able to.

After that, I talked to J, and he decided to talk to Mr M. If he has time, he may be able to round together.

J had a job and couldn't round together tomorrow.

By saying, "I understand less than 70% of your words, J." mistakes are always happening. John is also accustomed to this and will explain it repeatedly without any hassle.

After leaving Glasgow Gales, I left what I had bought in my hotel room and headed for Western Gales.

It is located by the sea, about 20 minutes on foot from the hotel.

If you cross the railroad crossing and walk toward the sea, you will see a landscape called links.

It is an irresistible landscape for Links mania. However, the Isle of Arran can be seen far beyond the links.

Western Gales had a lot of caddies in uniforms.

Looking at the links from the slightly elevated bank of the clubhouses, you can see only a little fairway. Most are covered with tall grass. It's fun to imagine, "If you put the ball in there, you're done. You won't be able to find it even if you look for it."

I will play American golf with two grandchildren of J. Brothers B and D, who attend a three-day summer vacation golf class at American Golf from the afternoon. I heard that my brother B is the captain of this club.

Both love golf. The younger brother is just swinging around.

J taught him several times, but he does something like a clown, swinging the club around without hesitation, swinging it in the air, and turning it over.

He is also cute. It's a Japanese expression, but " It doesn't hurt if J put tiny grandson in his eyes."

When I went around the 9th hole, a man was waiting in the rising hole. Seeing D familiarly approaching him, he must be his dad. He is named K, and he heard that he works at Glasgow Airport, although I don't know the details of his work.

I plan to stay in Glasgow from tomorrow and watch The Open at Saint Andrew's the day after tomorrow. Then, after rounding Glasgow Gales tomorrow, I would call J, and he would pick me up by car and send me to the station.

The golf play tomorrow will be the last golf this time. I've only played golf on my last four trips to Scotland, so I decided to go sightseeing in Edinburgh.

One of the purposes is to see The Open in St Andrews, but it's just going to see it, not watching it.

Recently, I rarely watched golf programs on TV.

It has been five and a half years since I was obsessed with HBS's agony. I haven't completed my swing yet. But my view of the swing has changed by about 180 ° in his head. Even if I see a professional swing, it seems that I have become frigid, and I am not interested.

Instead, I'm hoping that this year will be Tom Watson's retirement year, and if he goes on Friday, he'll be able to see him waving his hat at Silcanbridge. If I pass the qualifying, it may be Sunday. Even if you miss it, it should be reported in the news.

There was a person who posted on FB yesterday, but it seems that there is a way to walk 6 miles from Lucas to St Andrew's. There is a sidewalk along the coast called "Fife Coastal Pass". When I was playing golf at Kingsbarns, I saw people taking a walk with their dogs and people trekking. So let's try walking in the rainwear I bought earlier.

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