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⛳️Endangered Golf Club: When you believe in information, don't forget "self-responsibility."

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has me make a club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Otani, Yokosuka.

Agony has already been going on for six years.

I never told my teacher, "I want to stop. I want to get it back."

The answer returned is, "You can't go back anymore."


Gales Hotel must be withdrawn today. I have already stayed for four nights. There is some paper in the gap between the doors. When I picked it up and took a closer look, it was an invoice and a receipt. Looking at the clock, it was before 5 o'clock.

Breakfast was included in the accommodation plan, so I continued to eat Scottish breakfast for four days. Thick bacon, sausages with thick flour, baked tomatoes, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, and black pudding. These are served on a large warm white plate. It's a thick plate, so it's unlikely to crack even if dropped on a carpeted floor. However, it seems that the content is a little different from England.

Bake thinly sliced ​​bread crispy, apply margarine and jam and eat.

At breakfast, I always think that if you drink red wine with this baked bread as a pinch, you probably don't need anything else, and it's pretty salty, so I think it's delicious.

Yesterday, a Chinese group rushed in by bus, but it was a group of about 15 Koreans today.

I didn't make a reservation for Glasgow Gailes, but I was told that I could play at 9 o'clock, so I decided to go out immediately.

I checked out at the hotel's front desk and at the same time left my suitcase and backpack.

Considering the solemn gate of the golf course and the luxury of approaching the clubhouse, I felt a little out of place, but I walked out with a caddy bag on my back.

Next to the clubhouse, there were a lot of lively people. I went into the pro shop with the group sideways, thinking, "Did they also plan to play here?"

Today's pro was a different person than yesterday's. "What should I do if I'm told that I can't play at 9 o'clock?"

However, a more cheerful person than yesterday's, another fat person passed by and said, "You are the guy coming yesterday."

(I could only hear it like this) With this, my anxiety flew away.

"It will be late after that party (Korean group), so if you start right away," he advised me to walk to the starting point immediately.

Glasgow Gails was a stunning course.

The grass grows on the fine sand of Lynx, and it is a feeling peculiar to Lynx that can not be expressed when walking. It's connected to the American golf next door, but the difference in maintenance makes such a difference. In American golf, rabbits were flying around, and holes dug by rabbits were everywhere. I don't think this hole will grow into a bunker in the future, but I think it would be convincing if this hole were explained as the origin of the bunker. Do the rabbits endure the rain and wind in this little hole? No matter how small the body is, it is not a hole that hides the whole body, but countless holes are scratched by the feet to expose the back to the wind and rain.

Iron shots of number 5 and below have come to hit from time to time. The drivers are all ground balls. He doesn't feel like hitting and pulling the club to the left, so there's no hope of improvement unless he's healed from his head.

It started around 8:40 and holed out at 11:20. Later, when I reported to J, he said, "very fast !!". Later, when I met Mr M,

J reported this speed record, so it seems a bit unusual for them to spin around alone as I do.

I returned to the hotel, picked up my luggage, had a beer at the restaurant, and called J. He told me to call him when the round was over, so I did precisely that, but I couldn't answer the phone. The hotel has WiFi turned on, so when I put a message on FB messenger a few minutes later, the message "I'll be down now, hatsuo." Came back, and I was relieved to know that I was heading here.

After a while, J appeared at the restaurant and said, "Mr M and his wife is playing golf at American golf. So let's go and say goodbye to them."

When I wondered if I would wait in the uphill hole, John rushed into the course. Since it is a short course, the site is not large, and it is not a great distance to walk while looking for the couple.

I finally caught them at the farthest turning point.

When they were waiting next to the green, they came and exchanged greetings with each other.

His wife is a good couple called B.

When I sent Mr M to my house two years ago in J's car, I thought Mr M went into the house saying, "Just moment, please wait here", and he said Sandy Lyle's Lynx. He brought me a golf manual. This book is still my treasure.

It's a little off the beaten track, but it's not a book now. I remembered when Mr M entered his house. He said, "Honey !! Honey !!". I was impressed that he was a beloved wife.

Both are pretty old, but they sometimes enjoy playing golf together.

Yesterday, J asked Mr M if I could join my round at Glasgow Gailes, but it didn't work because of the visitors. Mr M seems to be selling his house. It's a mansion with four bedrooms, and it's too big for two people to live in, so it seems that they're moving to a smaller house.

Here, instead of going through a real estate agent to buy or sell a house, if the buyer sees the house and likes it, a lawyer (lawyer) will pay a fee to compile the documents and make a contract.

The visitor this morning was also a candidate for a home buyer.

J will send me to the Irvine station after parting with Mr, and Mrs M. J was worried about me and asked the station staff in detail about changing trains. He was kind to the station staff, and after doing some research, he printed it out on paper and handed it to me.

However, when I checked with two station staff at Glasgow Central Station, it was inconsistent with the Irvine information. The explanation was that you should change trains at Glasgow Central Station, but the station staff told you to change trains to Edinburgh at Queens Road Station, which is about a 5-minute walk from here.

I didn't know which one to believe, so I rechecked the station information and handed me about 5 cases of train times at Queens Road Station and Edinburgh Park Station printed on paper.

Kind people. The kindness permeates my chest. On the way, I arrived at Queens Road Station while checking the way with the shop staff again, and I was able to check the platform with the station staff again and board my train. In the end, I was able to arrive nearly 30 minutes earlier than the time I checked in Irvine.

Scottish people are kind. However, in the case of this train, the information was often inaccurate, so I learned that it is essential to hit Ishibashi and check for yourself whether the information is reliable.

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