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⛳️Endangered golf club, the record of faint in agony in Scotland ③

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

The master who makes me a golf club and teaches me how to swing runs a Humming Bird Sporte (HBS) shop in Yokosuka.

I have been in agony for six years already.

One day I told my teacher, "I want to stop. I want to get it back."

The answer returned is, "You can't go back anymore."

This time is a record of agony in Irvine, Scotland.


J said he would pick me up at 12:30, so I had plenty of time in the morning.

After breakfast, I decided to go to the 9H short course behind the hotel at 9:00. A course named American Golf.

It costs £ 10 for one round, £ 10 for nine holes, whether the second or more.

After one round, I considered the next and paid only one round.

When I finished the reception, there were no other golfers so I could start immediately.

I had 7 and 5 irons and a putter, and I just put sneakers and spare balls in a knapsack-type shoe case.

I was worried about whether the ball would hit the club at the start, but

When I shook the five iron lightly, I was relieved that it was not bad.

What I learned from the practice at HBS is usually remembered, but I become a different person when I see the ball on the spot. So if you take a deep breath and calm down, and sometimes calm down, you will get a good feeling.

It was like this, but I'm glad I could stare at my swing.

When I'm rounding alone, a rabbit crosses the fairway.

I addressed the putting on the green, and when I suddenly noticed, the rabbit's eyes and mine matched.

He seems to have been touring my golf with me for a while.

When I succeeded in a slightly longer putt, I searched for the rabbit and sent him a sign of victory.

In that case, he seemed busy eating grass and didn't look at me.

I don't like the expression "healing", which is popular in Japan these days, but I thought this expression was perfect for this scene.れました。

In the 3rd hole, I saw a person who started before me. So I continued the round while practising my approach and putt to avoid getting too close.

I finished one round in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I wanted to do another round, but I wanted to take a walk in the city of Irvine, so I went back to the hotel, changed my clothes, and then went out by taxi.

The maid was cleaning the hotel room, but when she said, "I'm leaving soon, I'll continue," she said, "I'll be there in five minutes," and left the room.

I felt a good feeling, so I put a tip on it to convey my feelings.

Irvine has a commercial facility with a large parking lot called River Gate Shopping Center around the station.

Starting with the familiar KFC and TESCO, about 7 to 8 stores in large stores alone. So if you come here, it's a convenient place to get whatever you want.

From there, heading towards the sea, you'll find the Scotts Rail station, on the other side of which looks like a small harbour facing the sea, with a wonderfully beautiful landscape.

After this, I will stay on the second floor of a nice restaurant called Harbor Light, right in front of the harbour. I will write about the story at that time later.

If you go to the other side through the shopping centre, you will find churches and old buildings like the old town. There was a POUND SHOP on my way home like Japanese Daiso, so I took a peek. As for the assortment, you can buy easy-to-use items like Daiso for £ 1.

Since £ 1 is worth 1.6 to 7 times as much as 100 yen. Many of them are priced at £ 1 for a few pieces. For example, four water bottles cost £ 1, so I bought four and packed them in my backpack.

After walking around the area for about an hour, it was almost noon, so I decided to take a taxi back to the hotel.

As promised, J came to pick me up a little afternoon. He said he didn't have a car two years ago, but he bought a car from a friend. There were golf clubs and cart rain gear inside.

Arrive at the golf course in 3 minutes. Perhaps because the designers are the same, the parking lot was an unpaved field that looked a lot like Castle Stuart.

As you can imagine later, at this point, they planned to renew the course first and then build accommodations and so on.

J sometimes caddies here, so his face works well at pro shops. He seems to have put out my play fee here as well.

Later, J became a starter here. He occasionally sent me photos of the newly constructed lodge on Facebook.

It's nice to have friends in Scotland to access this kind of information from time to time.

Nowadays, various new information is disseminated on SNS, so it is easy to get information only, but information from acquaintances has a different sense of presence.

You can start right here as well. At golf courses in Japan, you can usually start only at the reserved time, but in Scotland, it is not.

The golf content is not worth reporting, so I will omit it this time.

J sometimes felt like he wanted to give me some advice, but I politely declined him. J also stopped talking about play anymore.

Looking back, I suspect he couldn't see his companion player's friend playing agony golf.

According to HBS's teachings, I was forbidden to use wedges, especially when approaching the green side, so I couldn't get the proper distance and go back and forth between the greens in front of J. I did. Now I use wedges when approaching.

The golf situation in Scotland seemed to change a bit.

On the way, I often passed by a party of four Korean women and Chinese staying at the same hotel, and the situation seemed to be very different from when I came here two years ago.

I haven't seen any Japanese yet since I arrived at the airport.

It was an in-course start, so when we finished 17, J asked me if I wanted to drink beer after 9 hours, so of course, I answered, "That's a good idea !!".

Then J ordered a beer from the restaurant using the telephone installed at the 18th tee.

J took a picture of me in front of the clubhouse flag. When I saw it later, it looked happy. When I uploaded the photo to FB, my friends in the Nagoya area returned "likes".

I walked a lot all day long. I've gotten rid of the illness caused by the plane and adapted to the Scottish environment. On the contrary, this is an absolute condition for jet lag after returning to Japan, but the condition has been fully met.

J asks me where I want to round the next day, so as J said yesterday, I said, "I want to revenge the rain with Kelburn." J was informed that there was a competition for young members on Wednesday.

He contacted the golf course for the time being but said it might be full.

According to J's last contact, he couldn't make a reservation for Kelburn. J's next suggestion was to play with J's grandchildren at American Golf.

We decided to play with junior players at American Golf the next day from 13:00.


In 2021, Dundonald opened an excellent clubhouse and accommodation.

So the next time I visit Irvine, I will stay here.

Recently (2021), I have been studying consciousness and unconsciousness intensely,

I understood that it is essential to dropping what I could understand with my consciousness unconsciously.

An accurate affirmation regarding a golf swing like this time is

I have concluded that visualization may be effective.

At this point, I was finally conscious of the information that rewrites the unconscious = internal expression.

The purpose of this blog post is not a golf swing lesson.

Instead, it is a success if you understand that changing the image in your brain is essential.

The agony bullets are still going on. I will deliver an article about agony golf every Sunday. Please look forward to it!

If you like golf, keep an eye out for future articles.

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