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⛳️Endangered golf club, a record of faint in agony in Scotland ②

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who makes me a golf club and teaches me how to swing runs a shop named Humming Bird Sports (HBS) in Yokosuka.

I have been in agony for six years already.

One day I told my teacher, "I want to stop. I want to get it back."

The answer returned is, "You can't go back anymore."

This time is a record of agony in Irvine, Scotland.


It has been drizzling since morning. But, no matter how many times I looked outside, it was a fine rain.

I didn't realize yesterday, but many of the guests at this hotel are golfers. I saw two golfers walking towards the reception with their caddy bags on their backs yesterday evening outside my room.

The driving range at the back of the hotel was open at 9:00, so I pretended to be in the room and went out after confirming that HBS had taught me.

When I hit 60 balls, I felt that I was getting stronger and returning to my condition before May.

I thought that I implied the result of golf on that day was..

I promised that J would pick me up at 10 o'clock, so Jaguar slipped in a while waiting in the lobby.

The person who got out of the car was J from the passenger seat and M from the driver's seat.

The last time I met Mr M, he put me in my rented car driven by John, so I didn't remember him driving a car. Mr M is a gentleman.

This time, I made "sake" and "Takumi's nail clippers" as souvenirs.

He was delighted when he explained using a catchphrase that he improvised as "Made by Samurai Sword Technology". What I said is not a lie, and I like this nail clipper and still love it.

Kelburn Golf Club is a historic course that opened in 1891, just north of Irvine.

It lies along the A78, about 500m inland from the coast, surrounded by the former walls.

Starting from the clubhouse on the left end with the sea behind. And climb to the back once, proceed parallel to the sea from No. 2 to No. 5. Then the land where the mountainside spreads from the mountain to the sea, from the sea. Repeat zigzag to the hill and return to the clubhouse with No. 11 turned back.

It was an OUT-IN course arrangement.

From a high point, you can see islands such as Arran floating in the sea, and if the weather is nice, it is a beautiful golf course.

Two years before, J and I took a ferry from this shore and went over Arran to Machrihanish on the Kintyre Peninsula over there.

J didn't seem interested until he went with me, but he seems to have gone to Machrihanish with his friends after that.

J says he will go to September again next year.

Machrihanish has a recently created course called Machrihanish Dunes. Still, when I rounded with J, the layout was messy, and I had no idea where to hit from the teeing ground.

I heard rumours that the famous outbound golfer Lee Westwood was also severely criticized.

However, according to J's story, they improved the golf course after that. He said he was planning to try again this time because it was better.

He invited me to have coffee at the clubhouse, so I followed him.

In the back, more than ten older people are doing it.

As Mr M approached the table, he called out to one of them and put the money on the table. J and I have applied for the competition.

These people have already retired and seem to be competing every Monday. Two years ago, I was invited to the Irvine Golf Club, Mr M's home course, and suddenly participated in the competition. The entry fee is £ 1, and it seems to be a method of dividing it by grade.

When I went out, I started wearing all kinds of rainwear. Of course, the rain was not so heavy at this time. But I was impressed by the sharpness of the locals.

Mr M rented an electric golf cart for me from the golf course.

When you press the switch in the middle of the handle, it starts to move, but there is a disk-shaped dial around the button, and you can adjust the speed by rotating it.

Turn to the right to speed up, left to speed down.

I was careful not to turn it too far to the right, but I couldn't get a feel for it at first.

I think it goes against Mr M's kindness, but I can't like this electric golf cart. I can't steer it well.

A few years later, the same type of electric cart was introduced to my home course in Japan, the Yachiyo course of Taiheiyo Club, but I haven't used it yet. In Japan, I choose to have Caddy carry it exclusively.

The first hole is a par 3 with a 145Y launch to the mountainside with the sea behind.

Suddenly, I got caught on the left, and I couldn't find the ball when I went.

If you put it in the rough here, you can't find it anymore.

It was a terrible start while being pulled by the cart.

I played a clown with a bitter smile from both J and M.

It's been like this for a long time. But near the green, I sometimes got a blessing by rolling my brush around the pin and raising my thumb.

The rain is getting stronger. I can hardly feel the wind like the rain that continued in Japan last week, but the rain is swaying vertically. This time, I brought a big umbrella that I bought at Royal Dornock before. It's bulky, but it's a strong ally when raining.

When J said, "It's like rain in Japan," the other members laughed at everyone's consent.

When I explained to J, "In Japan, it's called Tsuyu," he repeated "Tsuyu ... Tsuyu ..." several times.

When I passed the party of the competition leader when I finished up to number 10, there was a suggestion to finish with number 12 today, and everyone obediently followed.

After that, I finished 12th, skipped 13th and 14th, and returned to the clubhouse while making it around.

It wasn't worth the practice at HBS, and the content was back to what it was before, but there was a pleasant hit with the 5 and 7 irons.

It's not difficult to explain if there are so few, but this was the only good thing.

At No. 18, I carried it to the front of the green 150Y with two strokes, and I was conscious of 3 on, and I hit the head of the ball with force.

It rolls about 10Y, and the rest is 140Y. A lie with a 7-iron and a rising left foot.

At this time, I got some practice results, and I started from the takeaway with the feeling of dropping the club lightly.

The ball flew straight toward the pin with a low trajectory. However, it seems that he caught the green.

I enjoyed the feeling of how many years it was.

Mr M, who had been carrying it to the front of the green earlier, confirmed the green and raised his thumb to wink.

It was a game of golf that didn't score as a whole, but I want to remember the last shot.

At this time, I think it was good to swing with the image of the shot that came out before that.

the next day

The sun is smiling from this morning. The sunlight through the curtain was also strong and brightened quickly. I'm supposed to go to Dundonald today, but J hasn't contacted me yet. Dundonald said it was 5 minutes from the hotel.

Dundonald is the same Kyle Phillips design as Kingsbarns and Castle Stuart. A perfect golf course. It seems that the Scottish Women's Open is scheduled.

In 2021, Dundonald opened a fabulous clubhouse and accommodation.

The next time I visit Irvine, I will stay here.

Recently (2021), I have been studying intensely consciousness

and unconsciousness,

I understood that it is essential to dropping unconsciously

what I could know with my consciousness.

An accurate affirmation regarding a golf swing like this time is

I have concluded that visualization may be effective.

At this point, I was finally conscious of the information

that rewrites the unconscious = internal expression.

The purpose of this blog post is not a golf swing lesson.

It is a success if you understand that it is essential to change the image in your brain.

The agony bullets are still going on. I will deliver an article about agony golf every Sunday. Please look forward to it!

If you like golf, keep an eye out for future articles.

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