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⛳️Endangered golf club, a record of faint in agony in Scotland ①

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who makes me a golf club and teaches me how to swing runs a shop named Humming Bird Sports (HBS) in Yokosuka.

I have been in agony for six years already.

One day I told my teacher, "I want to stop. I want to get it back."

The answer returned is, "You can't go back anymore."

This time is a record of agony in Irvine, Scotland.

This article was the English version of the Japanese version on December 15, 2021.


There is a driving range and a 9-hole golf course on the hotel grounds.

If you walk to the seaside from the hotel, you will find Western Gales's golf course.

Behind the hotel (opposite the sea) is the Glasgow Gales (Glasgow Golf Club Gales Course)

Nearby are some excellent links, such as the Kilmarnock Golf Course and Dundonald.

After taking a shower, I had dinner at the hotel restaurant. I ordered the soup made by boiling vegetables like this until it became muddy, and I have no idea what it contains.

It's a perfect city for golf lovers.

It is the same type of soup that warmed the cold body after the round at the Machrihanish Golf Club two years before. I still remember the deliciousness of J's recommendation when I was freezing after a round of golf.

It's a relieving feeling that something warm is coming into my stomach as it rains cold during the golf round in August, and I'm quivering with my frozen body.

At the restaurant at the Gales Hotel, I ordered and ate something like beer and Gailes-style pork cutlet in addition to soup, and John sent me a message on my iPhone.

"You there now ?? We're playing Kelburn tomorrow, JM and I will be at your hotel at 10 am."

I've heard that Mr M is like JB's guardian and has taken care of John, who has been a good golfer since he was a boy.

He doesn't seem to charge guests, and he didn't pay at all last time.

After the round, I treated them with beer, and they also treated me.

Before leaving for Scotland, I took lessons at HBS to prepare for it, and although I sometimes feel good, I still can't say I've escaped from agony.

What will happen to this trip?

Changing the image in the brain was the success factor of this swing.

Recently (2021), I have been studying intensely about consciousness and unconsciousness,

I understood that it is essential to dropping what I could know with my consciousness unconsciously.

An accurate affirmation regarding a golf swing like this time is

I have concluded that visualization may be effective.

At this point, I was finally conscious of the information

that rewrites the unconscious = internal expression.

The purpose of this blog post is not a golf swing lesson.

Instead, it is a success if you understand that it is essential to change the image in your brain.

The agony bullets are still going on. I will deliver an article about agony golf every Sunday. Please look forward to it!

If you like golf, keep an eye out for future articles.

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