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⛳️Endangered Golf Club: Old Pound Coin

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The answer returned was, "Youcan't go back anymore."


In the summer of 2018, I was taken care of by the second floor of Irvine's restaurant, Harbor Light. Since the previous year's fall, I have been refraining from sugar in my diet. When I'm in Japan, breakfast is natto, eggs and vegetables. I don't have lunch. This practice continues until the present in 2021. If you relax a little, your blood sugar will rise, so you have no choice but to continue.

I woke up early on the second day in Irvine due to jet lag. I think it was about 8 a.m., but I went for a walk nearby. I went under the railroad from the port and walked toward the station. When I went to the shopping centre, none of the restaurants was open yet, but a coffee shop called COSTA was open early on.

For sugar-restricted people, nothing to eat at a coffee shop. So I ordered the most significant coffee and decided to take a break.

At that time, an elderly lady who seemed to be kind served me on the other side of the counter. I'm OK from the morning, and I'm having a conversation with the incoming customers with a smile. It seems that there are many regulars, so I call out a few words, and when the ordered items are ready, I will leave quickly.

I wondered if this was the everyday scenery of this shop. It's not a bad idea to immerse yourself in this kind of everyday life in a foreign land.

When I travel abroad, I mostly pay by credit card, but I still use local coins. I take out the banknotes and get them to change, but I can't remember the value of the coins, and I will use the banknotes again. There are many British coins, and their value and size do not seem to be proportional, which makes their pockets heavier.

I had some coins left on this trip when I went to England from around 2008, so I brought them from Japan. Two days later, I wasn't the old lady but a very young waitress when I stopped by the coffee shop. She said to her, "This coin is old. I can't use it anymore," and found it to be a pound coin that is no longer in circulation.

I didn't notice it the day before, but it seems that the pound coin I used was an old coin that was unavailable anymore at that time.

I feel sorry for that aunt.

Her friend J helped me rent a car in the city, so I drive alone and go out when J is busy with work. I drove to Western Gales, Prestwick and Royal Troon on this trip. I only drive AT cars in Japan, so it was a little challenging to start driving a manual car. In Japan and the United Kingdom, the left-hand traffic is the same, but the wiper and turn signal positions are reversed.

Until I got used to it, I intended to move the turn signal to turn right, but I moved the wiper even though it wasn't raining. By the time I got used to reversing left and right in England, it was time to return to Japan, and after returning to Japan, when it was raining, the turn signal would move like a fool.

Scotland is the same as the United Kingdom, but there is a roundabout, and it is called Rotary in Japan, but this system is rare in Japan. So I'm not used to this mechanism at first, but I think it's rational because you only have to pay attention to the right side.

Many people do not know this mechanism at the rotary near my house. And some drivers suddenly invade from the left even though this is not a signal to leave the rotary. So I can't always be careful.

Western Gales

Seen from a slightly higher position in the clubhouse, it looks like long rough grass is overgrown, and I'm overwhelmed and scared by its superb condition.

The fear of bending left and right never leaves my consciousness, and sometimes extra force is applied, and it bends.

I tell myself, "Don't be scared! If you move the grip openly, it's okay. Keep doing this for 18 holes!", But on the contrary, my unconsciousness becomes reluctant.

In coaching, I just fueled my fears with "minus self-talk."

It was a great Lynx.

From the clubhouse, the Firth of Clyde spreads out in front. And the course goes to the right of the 6th hole on the land side.

From the 7th hole, return to the left on the seaside. We turn back at number 13, and from 14th, return to the clubhouse on the land side.

I had a hard time against the against, but on the way back, I was helped by the following wind,

I was lucky that I was close to the pin's 3 meters, thinking it had been roughly prepared.

One cup after the round is exceptional.

Two years ago, I stayed at the Gailes Hotel, a 10-minute walk from this course, and played Glasgow Gailes next door, but Western Gailes faces the ocean directly so that it would be irresistible; if the original wind blows.

The inn is a room on the second floor where a pub called Harbour Light and a restaurant, which this friend introduced, are combined.

The hostess of this inn is my friend's friend, and this shop also has a family of friends. Surrounded by the warm feelings of this clan, I play golf every day.

They are also tolerant of crazy guys from Japan just for golf.

Live music had played in the pub on Saturday night, and the store was crowded with locals. It was around the time the date changed that the tremendous turmoil subsided.

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