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⛳️Endangered golf club, also known as the fainting club ②

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Please listen to everyone.

I have been training with my golf club for 15 years; training from the golf club?

My golf is not competition oriented.

I don't have to compete with a handicap to enjoy golf. So it's a bit unfamiliar to me to say "as is" but to put relief into the rules and compete for the resulting score.

Today I would like to hear about the club I am using now.

Its name is "Endangered Club", and its name is "Aggression Club".

I presume that most people may not understand even if you read the following article. Humans live on their past brief systems. I hope you feel that there is such a world.

Encounter with the agony club

Sunday, October 11, 2009, Go to HBS to get a new club.

The day before, I went to listen to the Yokohama JAZZ Promenade Concert, and after a long time listening to jazz, I felt nostalgic from the bottom of my heart.

It was so exciting that I got home after 11:30. It's been a long time since I had a deep drink.

I woke up early in the morning because of my habit, but I seemed to have some alcohol left.

I was excited to pick up the new club and arrived at HBS after 10 o'clock. When I opened the door, a cute lady was sitting in front of my computer, and when I said "Good morning", she said ", Good morning. Call my dad now." Unfortunately, the store manager came in simultaneously with the answer.

The store manager brought eight new clubs from behind the store's practice at-bat.

Whenever I get a new club, I always feel like taking it early and going straight to the practice area. I tried hitting 6i while the store manager was printing the document from my computer, but I strongly felt the softness of the shaft.

I tried a couple of shots, but to be honest, I didn't get an excellent feeling.

The driver decided to look at the feel of the iron before considering it. Unfortunately, he had a driver in the store hit, but I wasn't quite sure, so I decided to try an iron for the time being and left HBS.

Suppressing the desire to try it early, I took a position in front of the mirror on the second floor for 3 hours at the practice field. There was a comment in the instruction manual that it was necessary to run in 40 to 100 balls, so I decided to hit each one lightly.

He started with PW brushing, and when he hit about 50 balls, he put in a crunch on his right hand. The feeling of the shaft pushing the ball was strong.

(Note: I did not knowThe correct concept of crunch itself was not known at that time)

It took about 2 hours to finish the test run of 8 runs while holding down my feelings not to make a full swing in such a condition.

Inverness Aug.2012

After that, I tried to hit it a little tricky with 8i, but it didn't hit very well. Something was not good with 7i or 6i. I tried to hit 8i with the old swing only once, but I could only re-recognize that it was heavy and very impossible. It was only one ball mixed with newing, so when I raised it to the top with 7i and swung it down, it flew to 160y, which was the best today. "I wonder if it will take some time to get used to it ..." I got home while dropping my shoulders.

I never thought I would go into a long tunnel for more than a dozen years after this.

I feel discomfort every time I practice and make a shot around.

"Ah !!" "Gya !!" "Guwa !!" ...

This negative information received by the hippocampus was unknowingly stored and accumulated in the limbic system as long-term negative information. I later learned that this was trauma.

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