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⛳️Endangered golf club, also known as fainting club ⑦ "Swing out of common sense."

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

The master who has me make a club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Otani, Yokosuka.

How did you develop a club with a soft shaft that made you faint in agony?

I told you in the previous article.

This time, I want to tell you about the swing of the master's direct story.

I can't go straight. I have been in the 13th year.

I repeated, "OK, this time I grabbed it !!" many times.

I repeated, "Let's give up ?!" many times.

I was in agony for the first time in my sixth year.

"I can't do it, so I want to put it back," he directly appealed to his master.

The answer that came back was,

"You can't go back anymore."

The teacher's eyes at this time were severe.

The teacher's policy is to "support people who use the clubs they have created until they can hit them."

Then I went to my teacher every Saturday for six weeks. I had been taught in early 2015, but the teacher's teaching method was strict, so I didn't listen to the story seriously and ran away, saying, "OK, I'll practice.".

But this time, I decided to go to Scotland in July, so I decided to master it before stepping on his land.

What I learned at HBS

Organize swing methods that won't faint in agony.

Maybe it's hard to accept for those who know the latest method.

I used to use it a lot in HBS, but there is a word "image in the brain".

The following two points are the characteristics of the general idea of ​​swings these days.

Torsion of the upper body

Pendulum (stop grip may not be conscious)

It's different from here in the first place.

Lower body (pelvis) facing backwards

The grip end crosses the position of the ball first.

From the takeaway (top of the swing), the grip comes down earlier and is in a "hand first" state concerning the ball; the grip overtakes the ball first and has an impact.

At the start of the waist, the waist turns too much first. And the impact is reached with the waist open.

Most young professionals have this swing.

Since the waist goes first, it is necessary to return the head. Since it is a pendulum, stop the grip and return it before returning the head.

Professionals will learn this swing with a lot of practice, but it's not something amateurs do.

The teaching of HBS is as follows.

  1. address

    • The position of the address does not leave the ball; it stands cramped

    • (Stop swinging your arm)

    • The feeling of tilting your shins and knees forward, like when skiing

    • The forward-leaning posture is enough to bend the knees instead of the back.

    • Pull your left heel back and keep an open stance

2. Right-facing (backward) posture

  • Do not turn the upper body; the pelvis turns

  • When my hips turn to the back, I can't solve it

  • (Stand your right leg upright and put your weight on it)

  • Lift the club with your right upper arm,

  • (If you stand the club vertically, the weight of the club will be the lightest)

3. Extend your right arm down

  • Extend your bent right arm downwards

  • At this time, keep the clubface shut

  • The head goes first to the ball with the image that the back of the right-hand faces up.

4. Rotate the body horizontally from here (weight transfer is stronger than rotation)

  • Rotate to the left just by the consciousness of moving the grip.

  • Imagine the feeling that the ball is just below the clubface

  • Accelerate when the body comes to the front

  • I don't think you can understand this alone.

  • It took me 13 years to understand correctly.

The following two were the most important things that took 13 years.

I was taught, but I wasn't honest.

I couldn't change the image in my brain that I had acquired since I was young.

Changing the image in the brain was the success factor of this swing.

I think this is because I removed my scotoma by self-coaching.

The purpose of this blog post is not a golf swing lesson.

It is a success if you understand that changing the image in your brain is essential.

The agony bullets are still going on. Looking forward to it!

If you like golf, keep an eye out for future articles.

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