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DevSecOps is an extension of TPS TPD

Updated: May 29, 2022

"I was waiting for this book"

I feel like I've been waiting for it.

I made a reservation with Amazon, but it arrived at the same time as the release.

("Antibody acquisition method for cyber attacks" Yusuke Nirahara) Published by Cyzo

If you are in charge of DX, please read it.

You can understand what DevSecOps is in this book.

I have published the blog post time before.

I've brought my image here as well, but please look again.

Agile is misunderstood, as I've written on my blog before.

I wrote a little more detail on my blog about the middle of last month, so please refer to it.

We can still catch up with the delay.

Good human resources like Mr Nirahara have emerged.

It's a delighted event.

"We cannot wipe out the impression that agile development has been misunderstood and spread to the world cannot be wiped out. If someone misunderstanding agile development thinks that DevOps and DevSecOps are positioned as an extension of that misunderstanding, it is entirely. I'm wrong.

One of the misconceptions about agile development is

that it can give the impression that it's a random development. "

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