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Development lead time halved (3 years ⇨ 1.5 years)

Updated: May 29, 2022

Process parallelization

By having discussions with the parties concerned in front of the table (Omotehyojun) *,

Excellent results have come out.

* Table: A visualization of the current state of affairs

The two groups of structure groups are performance groups.

The length of the arrow in front of Kaizen in the figure below tells us,

The performance group took about three weeks to study the external shape.

The structural group will consider it for another three weeks based on the information.

If there is a mistake in the examination result of the outer shape of the performance group,

They redo the process of the structure group.

It turned out that there was a significant loss. (See Fig. 1)

After the improvement, the examination process is divided into two parts, the machine's essential part and the upper part.

After ensuring that the information is verified at the end of each review,

I decided to pass it on to the following process.

Efficiency improvement and enhancement of examination by centralized management of information

After receiving the information on the examination results in the previous process,

They found that starting the examination of the own process was repeated six times.

As a result of the discussion, we shared that it is only a habit to wait for each other's information.

In this case, we confirmed that the study would proceed sufficiently by sharing the necessary information on the server.

They eliminate the waiting time for each other and allow us to spend more time on consideration than we currently have.


  • We were able to apply the standard of the TPS production site to the improvement of development.

  • At the production site, attaching parts to the actual object (work) in the work process (process) is the target of Kaizen.

  • Development deals with information. It's invisible to the eye, but when you visualize processing information, you can see the problem.

  • For activities that improve the behaviour of processing things in the production site = physical space

  • In development = information space, the point is to rectify the flow of information without stagnation.

If you can raise the level of abstraction and see it as a higher-level concept,

They understood that working in the process is common to both manufacturing and development.

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