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Beyond the study of consciousness

Updated: May 29, 2022

(Cognitive science) In coaching, rewriting the unconscious is a powerful means of achieving the goal.

By studying "Study of Consciousness", I would like to think about my method and the coaching theory, such as unconscious rewriting.

This series of blog posts is my study note.


Various things are expected from the understanding of consciousness that is making significant progress now.

Developing a method for determining the state of consciousness of patients who have fallen into a coma or vegetative state

It is expected that it will be possible to clarify when the baby's consciousness will sprout.

Developing a computer system that simulates the effects of consciousness occurring in the brain

Medical applications seem to be already within reach.

Patients with brain injuries caused by strokes, car accidents, temporary oxygen deficiencies, etc., are lying in hospital beds worldwide, without moving or talking, without contact with the outside world.

The question is, "Isn't there some patients who have already regained consciousness but can't tell that fact to anyone?"

In this regard, Duanne's laboratory is researching to build a mechanism for monitoring conscious experiences in real-time by utilizing the results of brain imaging research.

We are developing a powerful test method that can determine whether a subject is conscious or not with high reliability.

This type of test, which identifies objective signs of consciousness, is already being performed in the medical setting for comatose patients.

It also means that there will soon be an answer to questions such as whether the baby is conscious and when it will sprout.

Duanne says.

"In any science, it is forbidden to interpret" being "as" should ", but if we can objectively judge the existence of consciousness of patients and babies, we can make a more accurate ethical judgment. I'm sure I'll be able to do it. "

Furthermore, in computer science, if the science of consciousness develops further in the future, it will be possible to assemble an artificial mechanism that simulates the action of consciousness occurring in the human brain with silicon chips.

What comes after that is a machine with an awareness of one's knowledge? Does it have a sense of self or free will?

I happened to come across this book, but in cognitive science, in a sense, "... that's what it is."

Of course, there are many explanations like that, but this book confirmed in 10 cases.

From now on, I will sort out the consciousness in more detail and then start talking about the unconscious.

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