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⛳️Endangered Golf Clubs: Arrive at Royal Dornoch and taste the feel of Links turf.

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The answer returned was, "Youcan't go back anymore."


Summer 2017, August 11th

On the way from Aberdeen to Dornoch, we made our first round at Nairn.

I learned from SNS about the travel agency that requested this trip, but it is a company run by a junior at the university.

I would plan to arrive in Dornoch first, but I'm grateful that he included Nairn at the beginning of the itinerary.

Round at Nairn before heading to Dornoch.

I visited Royal Dornoch with my friends in August 2012.

At that time, the schedule was Aberdeen → Dornoch (without staying) → Kingsbarns → St Andrews area.

In the morning, I drove from Aberdeen to Dornoch, toured the Glen Morangi brewery, then made a round in Dornoch and drove straight to Fife's Kingsbarns. It was a forced march.

I made a mistake in estimating the time, and when I arrived at Kings Burns, the sun had set, so it was past 10 pm. I toasted with wine and didn't talk until late at night.

This time, 2017 is a solo trip.

The hotel is Dornoch, his hotel on the left side of the course, as seen from the Royal Dornoch clubhouse. The exterior creates a castle-like atmosphere.

It was an old building, and even if I walked gently, the floor was screaming every time.

After a quick supper with wine and low-carbohydrate food, the sun was setting, and it was dim outside.

If you walk straight through the garden from the hotel building, you will find a low stone wall on the other side of the road, and when you jump over it, you will see the fairway of the 18th hole of Royal Dornoch.

The golf course feels like your own garden. I'm afraid you can understand it, but I like this hot water location.

You will never feel golf so close to you.

In 2008, I stayed in a guesthouse for a week behind the R & A building in St Andrews. It was a building about 3 minutes from the old course teeing ground (old expression, now the teeing area).

This time it's closer, and you can see the Royal Dornoch from your room.

At night, I left it to the pleasant sickness of wine and walked towards links.

On the right side, you can see the typical clubhouse that you have seen many times in the picture, shining brightly.

It's a summer night.

I can see only the shadows of a few people walking along the course with their dogs or as a couple appear to move.

Walking on Scottish grass is pleasant.

It feels colder than summer in Japan, but I enjoy the Japanese "Yusuzumi".

Wick GC has a reservation tomorrow. I just ran a few kilometres north of Dornoch.

Although my agony had healed this year, I still occasionally get shots with a strong impact, like the clubhead sticking into the ground.

There is still a time difference, so I went to bed quietly on this day.

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