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A bright world where the internal expression has been rewritten.

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The severe answer returned was,

"You can't go back anymore."


Currently, in June 2022,

1st: Taiheiyo Club Yachiyo Course.

3: Pacific Club Sagami Course.

4th: Taiheiyo Club Gotemba West.

I played the Gotemba West Course yesterday and the day before yesterday.

In the early days of agony, the Yachiyo course was not a golf course for Taiheiyo Club, but young golfers in the city centre were gathering.

The basic setting is to walk around with a guide cart, which is a lovely setting for me, who prefers the Scottish golf style.

Two-seater carts have been available on the fairways since this Spring, but I wouldn't say I like this style. After all, I want to enjoy golf on foot.

While working at the Higashifuji Plant of Toyota Motor East Japan, I enjoyed it at the Taiheiyo Club Gotemba West every week and the Taiheiyo Club Gotemba Course.

Today, the experimental city Woven City is built after the Higashifuji Factory.

A beautiful city is being created just below Mt. Fuji.

Gotemba West is a challenging course because there are undulations on the fairway and a few flat areas. Therefore, I find it more complex than the Gotemba course.

When I played weekly, I wasn't in agony, so I was more interested in the approach and putt success than shot accuracy.

When the excellent caddy taught me the line, and I could do precisely that, the results were waiting.

This time I made a reservation for the waist after a long time because I had a feeling that the agony was almost over and the feeling of golf at that time would return.

The shots have stabilised, but around the green, the feeling of those days hasn't returned yet. I'm looking forward to the future.

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, the companions were able to see the faint in agony club 😅, and while explaining the faint in agony, we had a fun round.

The fact that I didn't give up on mastering the agony club is full of compliments.

There have been many things since I switched to the Agony Club at the end of 2009.

But, I have been in agony for 14 and a half years.

During this time, I have declared that I am out of agony several times, but none of them is genuine.

In 2022 this year, until around April, the course sometimes repeated terrible agony, but

In May, a stretchy ball came out with the typical low trajectory of the agony club on the practice field.

In my heart, I secretly got the feeling of getting out of agony.

  • Make a backwards-facing with your feet.

  • From takeaway, start moving with a gripping start

  • Make the club face shut

  • The grip passes over the ball first

  • At the time of impact, the pelvis position is adjusted to the ball, etc.

  • There were several checkpoints.

While repeatedly imprinting this on my head, I have been patient with brushing and sleek quarter shots.

In mid-May, as a finishing touch, I hit a wood club that I had kept in the practice area for a long time, and it felt great.

When I went to the Yachiyo course on May 25th (Wednesday), the accompanying couple from Yokohama entertained people, and I hit it off with love for golf.

Even after the round was over, we talked about golf while eating together.

I felt that I conveyed the lady's heartfelt joy in the first 83 strokes of her life.

It was drizzling on the same Yachiyo course on Saturday, May 21st, of the week before that. So the first half was a round with only two young people on the cart.

He said, "I'm sorry when the first half was over. I'll stop in the first half." So it is widespread up to this point.

However, the couple who accepted the combination greeted me first and started typing.

However, the man didn't understand the meaning, and he became moody and reticent, and the air became unpleasant.

I like to play golf in combination with people I meet for the first time on that day.

But this was the first time for me.

That day, for the first time in my life, I had the worst feeling about playing golf. I felt unpleasant, which I had never tasted, even in agony.

From that day until I hit it off with a couple in Yokohama for a week, I was dragging in this unpleasant mood.

I had a good day with them, even before playing three holes.

Looking back on the series of experiences of this half month, "Scotoma has come off" in terms of cognitive science coaching.

While eating, a couple of men in Yokohama said, "I can't think of going home without eating golf like this. It is also the fun of golf. "

The first words I received were still kind to me.

When I heard this word, a scene passed through my head for some reason.

In Irvine, GC, Scotland, I was taken by a local friend.

Aside from the score, after enjoying the play, several groups were able to enter the restaurant while having fun talking. Everyone, including my friends, seemed to be familiar with their faces.

It was a scene where this was a golf club.

I had decided that I couldn't enjoy this kind of club life in Japan, but it depended on how I held my heart.

At the same time, the agony disappeared. It feels like good news has arrived in a row.

The world is made up of relationships.

And the world is in my mind.

So you can't have a new relationship

without rewriting your inner self.

Since Wednesday, May 25th, all the golfers I have met have become beautiful people.

Due to the luck each time, the people I met became only visible, beautiful people.

I can see a bright world because my internal expression has changed.


Let's look back on the record of fainting in agony. It is a record of agony on February 7, 2010.

For the first year, it was generally like this.

After getting to the agony club at the beginning of the year, I entered a long tunnel.

According to the weather forecast, it will be warmer from this day, so I was expecting a warm Indian summer, but

The wind was strong, and the memorable sweater I bought in Scotland wasn't enough.

90 minutes from home to the Ichihara course of Taiheiyo Club, crossing Yokohama Bay Bridge and Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge,

After passing through the underground tunnel, cross the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line.

This day was after I passed, but there was a big accident at Aqua Line.

Many golfers who had reserved behind my group got involved in this.

The start of the first half was on time, but I had to wait an hour and a half until the start of the second half.

Since it was the in-course start of the Ichihara course, it was the 5th hole in the first half, 14H Par4.

The teenage area is a downhill with a head. Because the distance to the pond on the left side of the fairway is short,

Usually, when the wind against the wind was not strong, I was aimed with 3W.

On this day, a strong wind seemed to be blowing even if I was standing, so I tried to use 1W for a powerful shot.

There was a response.

I was worried that I would fly too much and enter the pond, but I couldn't resist the brutal nature.

It was blown back by a strong wind.

The ball was spun and blew up and returned because it could not meet the agony club correctly.

The 2nd shot is a situation where there is a green in front of the pond.

The ball hit with 5W could not cross the pond, hit the fence made of sleepers on the opposite bank, and returned straight to my feet. 😂

After that, I dropped it in the pond with 5i. And I was sucked into the bunker on the right side of the green again at 5i. 😂

Although the driver felt good, I was very disappointed that the flight distance did not come out unexpectedly. It casts a dark shadow on your heart. The time of agony was such a series of golf.

I had to wait an hour and a half until the second half.

The wind was so strong that I didn't feel like practising putting, so when I was sitting on the sofa and taking a nap, my body was entirely in sleep mode.

1H Par5 in the second half

Due to the strong wind, I can't concentrate usually, but I'm standing as hard as I can.

Mr H was an honour, but he quickly gave out three OBs to the right.

I also saw this and told my body to relax, but it turned out to be a low ground ball to the right.

At 5W, it reaches the left rough, and at 5W again, it reaches only 50m before the green.

The approach only reached the edge of the green and managed to reach the green with five strokes.

2H Par4

This hole doesn't fly much, despite the strong follower wind.

The second shot had 160y left, but I used the wind to roll it to the bunker in front of the green with 7i.

After that, I brushed it to the pin and got a one-pat par. The driver doesn't fly, but the rolling is improving.

At the end of these 14 years, I scored a goal along with the expecting club life.

It wasn't a waste of 14 years.

I cannot describe the record of agony in a few lines.

Even if I start talking, no one will listen to it.

"Wow!" "Gya!" "Hmm!" "No good!"

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