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⛳️Endangered Golf Club: Golf around Irvine PRESTWICK

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The answer returned was, "Youcan't go back anymore."


Before checking in at the harbour light, I went for a drive-by rent-a-car that doubled as a preliminary survey of the neighbourhood.

For the drive, she used an iPhone and Google Maps.

From Irvine to Prestwick to Turnberry, we completed a preliminary inspection with a rental car. So even if you deviate from the side road, you can rest assured that the navigation system is attached.

I'm still using Google Maps with Apple car Play (February 2022) and find it helpful. My car is equipped with a genuine Toyota car navigation system, but recently I've been using Google Maps a lot. I use Toyota car navigation systems when driving the land for the first time. So you can trust it when you drive to a land you don't know.

I have an episode of Google Navi in ​​Japan. At the point where many tunnels with many downhill slopes are concentrated on the up line of the Tomei Expressway, from Gotemba to Matsuda, Google Navi loses its place and gets confused and strays.

From the elevated highway, you will be instructed to suddenly descend to National Highway 246, which has a head of several tens of meters. If you leave it for a while, you will notice your mistake and return it to the Tomei Expressway. Unfortunately, my car can't fly, so it's an impossible order.

Without it, Google Navi can be relied on, but it can also be boring while driving in familiar lands, "Google Navi has begun to stray again!".

I had some time on that day, and I felt that I had to unknowingly imprint the feeling of a manual car in a rental car, so that's a reasonable distance.

On my way back to Irvine, I saw the Whiskey Experience I used to stop with J. I asked a clerk to introduce me to Scottish whisky, a local Girvan around Turnberry, and I got two of them.

I can't express the taste well, but I felt a unique scent. Immediately after returning to Japan, only an empty bottle remained in a blink of an eye via my stomach.

Since it's Links, it's all by the sea, but Prestwick is just a seaside town. I don't hate seagulls, but I was impressed by the seagulls that made me want to call them noisy. Even now, every time I remember the coastal town, I can hear the seagulls crying along with my brain video.

At the shop facing the sea, I bought coffee and slowly enjoyed the scenery of the sandy beach.

The links is behind where I'm sitting.

It's about 2 pm, and it's time to check-in at Harbor Lights.

The owner, Mis. B is a very kind and kind woman.

She took a lot of time to lock the doors leading to the hotel twice, but everything else was fine. It was comfortable. The room assigned to me faced the harbour and had a great view. The space was also large enough.

If allowed, it's a nice place to stay here for a summer or so.

The next time I visit Irvine, I will stay here.

I am grateful for the system that I pay the accommodation fee and food and drink fee at the time of check-out.

J also told them about my sugar restrictions, so they understood that I would leave potatoes behind. At the time of a meal, I enjoyed as much wine as I wanted and had a good time every night.

After one night, I played in Prestwick. Again, I was fortunate to make a reservation after arriving in Irvine. It was my first course, so I asked him to put on a caddy.

Caddy Dan was a person who barely smiled. He is a professional caddy, though. He gave me good advice, so Pat often went in.

Later, Caddy Frank, who accompanied me on Turnberry, laughed at my Henna Henna club and became a hot topic among his caddy buddies, while Dan did the opposite.

Dan was waving the Henna Henna Club, but he didn't say anything.

I was watching, hoping that the sullen Dan would loosen up and make a surprised voice, but a shoulder struck me.

I didn't dare to bring up the club's story from here, but I regret that I should have listened to Dan's impressions alone.

The weather was raining and stopping. Even in bad weather, I cut below 90 for the first time in a while. The result of the round was 88.

Prestwick has a liver test hall called the Himalayas, as shown in the picture below.

I'm hitting a small hill on the right side of the picture, and it's a par 3, but I feel tremendous pressure.

The golf links called CRAIL around St Andrews also have a hole that goes toward the green on the hill, but I think it is a famous liver test hole that is hard to compare.

If you go around alone, the party that started earlier will let me through. I'm not too fond of it when I'm in a hurry to tee shot in front of the previous party and to be honest, I'm grateful for your kindness.

Partly because I overtook the previous party, I finished 18 holes at 3:15.

I think my golf is at a reasonable level if it is evaluated by stroke and by speed.

I broke up with Dan and stopped by the shop to buy souvenirs.

After that, I noticed that Dan's hat 🧢 was still hanging on the umbrella handle inserted on the side of my caddy bag. I should have delivered it to the pro shop there, but at that time, I wasn't smart enough to take it home.

When I told J about this later, I was relieved that J would deliver it.


I immediately sent a report email to a person I met at a golf course in Japan a few days ago.

Thanks to you, I'm in good shape this year.

Yesterday, Prestwick GC, the birthplace of the British Open, scored less than 90.

Thanks to the caddy.

I did it for three days, but my leg pain will recover if I sleep overnight, like when I was young.

Let's continue playing together when we return to Japan.

What are 90 cuts? As expected! !!

Scotland seems to be enjoying it above all (^^)

Next time, it will be 21 (Tuesday) at 10: 30 ~, so thank you.

Please be careful and welcome back.

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