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⛳️Endangered golf club, also known as "agony golf club" ①

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Please listen to everyone.

Have I been fighting with my golf club for 15 years, training from the golf club?

Scotland in 2018 ended at Turnberry.

I played golf on the Airsa Champion Course on August 15th, the day before. 16th, I had a tee time set at 7:32 in the early morning in time for the departure from Glasgow to Heathrow at 15:20.

The name of the course is as challenging as the "King Robert The Bruce" champion course. I hired a caddy so I wouldn't make a mistake on the system.

The name of the caddy is Frank. He lives a 5-minute walk from the course.

He has been a resident of this area since he was a child and moved to this place about ten years ago. He was a typical local with a Scottish friendliness.

I had a gluten-free English breakfast at a hotel on the hill and then returned to the lodge to wash my face before heading to Hole#1.

The wind is strong today as well.

When I started yesterday, the starter of the championship course said, "When the wind is against you, you should choose the club that is 3rd plus. When the wind is following, you should choose minus 3rd."

Before I started playing, I thought it was a bit overkill. I was reminded that the starter was right in the middle of the play. Today is a stronger wind than yesterday.

Greetings from Frank. I hit the tee shot. There is this tension at the beginning of the morning. It's been eight years since I started using "endangered" golf clubs.

It's been pretty good, but I'm still unsure at the start.

Fortunately, this morning we got off to a safe start. The start was good, but I put the second shot in the rough grass. After that, my golf shot didn't improve until I holed out the next hole.

Frank had a strange atmosphere from the beginning. He's trying to tell me something, but it feels like he's refraining. He seemed to refrain from seeing my turmoil.

My hit came back from the 3rd hole, and the atmosphere became mellow.

Frank shook my driver from side to side to check the softness of the shaft and smiled with a smile.

"I saw this type of club for the first time."

" Did you make it yourself?"

"No, I had a craftsman make it. It's soft, isn't it?"

After that, there were many good hits, and it was a fun round while feeling suitable for myself.

Even in the tremendous wind of the against, it goes toward the green without blowing up. After all, using the "agony golf club" was good.

However, if I take a little care, my body will open first, and the rubbing ball will emphasize rubbing strong against the wind.

Frank praises me as "Excellent! Perfect!" when I get better.

I also got on my feet and gave a lecture to him with a gesture,

"Move from the grip without stopping the grip,"

which was taught by Hummingbird.

"You are letting the head do the work," he said.

Frank seems to be unable to put up with it at last. "Let me put a little. Lend me your ball," he says, trying out the putter. He smiled and shook his head, repeating, "I've never seen a club like this."

When I holed out, shook hands with him and looked at the clock, it was 9:49. So it took 2 hours and 7 minutes to go around 18 holes.

"I've been a caddy for 20 years, but it's the first time I've finished so early."

"Your play is extremely fast because you don't swing the golf club before the shot."

"Your golf play is the fastest record at Turnberry King Robert The Bruce!"

He certified me.

Frank returned to the clubhouse, called out to his fellow receptionists, and said, "I saw something unusual today.

"Look at this," showing my putter to his friends.

Then one of them laughed, "Let me give it a try." Using a putter on the carpet, "What's this?"

Then another person came out from the back and smiled with a smile.

Immediately the reception was filled with laughter.

After this, "agony golf club" will be a topic among Frank and his friends for a while.

"Crazy Japanese came over the other day.

The club he was using is incredibly crazy."

"I was surprised."

"It's the first time for me like that. The guy said it took eight years before he could use the club. Crazy Japanese Guy!"

"I think he's playing fast again, and when he thinks he's taken a stance and turned to the back, he's already hitting.

It was early in the morning, so there were no other players, but he went around 18 holes in 2 hours and 7 minutes. "

It is the end of the 2018 trip to the West Coast of Scotland.

By the way, I hired a caddy at Prestwick the day before. He was curiously kneading the club, but he didn't say anything. I should note that not all people respond in the same way.

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