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Global ignition.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Studying the "Study of Consciousness" (Stanislas Duanne) can further deepen your understanding of coaching theory.

I am studying to add a unique flavour to "unconscious rewriting".

This series of blog posts are my study notes. This time, the theme that follows the unconscious and conscious

I will write a "sign of consciousness".


When the brain notices unexpected information, it suddenly begins a large-scale activity. This phenomenon is called the "global ignition".

Imagine an enthusiastic concert. Once some enthusiastic audience stood up, the excitement spread all at once throughout the venue, creating full applause.

Global ignition is a similar phenomenon.

When the activated neuron group conveys information to other neuron groups and returns to the original neuron group, a global ignition occurs.

This phenomenon is similar to what physicists call a "phase transition." For example, freezing water turns into ice during a "phase transition" from a liquid to a solid.

Like freezing water, consciousness has boundaries.

Short visual stimuli stay below the threshold, whereas visual stimuli that last for a while become more active.

Flash numbers on the screen for 16 milliseconds

Flash a mask consisting of some random characters with a blank period

Extend the length of the blank period by 16ms for each trial

The subject replied, "I can't see it now," and "I can see it now."

And as a result, it turned out that this turning point was 50 milliseconds.

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